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Where to Find Saint Urbain | Urbain Miracle List

St. Urbain
This guide will show you how to find Saint Urbain in Demon's Souls Remake. Read on to learn more about his location, how to rescue him, and what miracles can be learned from him.

Saint Urbain's Locations

Shrine of Storms

Saint Urbain Shrine of Storms

You can first encounter Saint Urbain in the Shrine of Storms. Warp to the area where the Reaper is and enter the hallway next to the stairs. Go down below the pit and you will find Saint Urbain standing.

The Nexus

Saint Urbain The Nexus

After rescuing Saint Urbain, he will move to the Nexus where you can now learn advanced miracles from him. Among them is Recovery, a powerful miracle that can substantially heal your HP depending on your Faith.

How to Rescue Saint Urbain

Defeat the Black Phantom in the Pit

To rescue Saint Urbain, you must defeat the Black Phantom guarding the door out of the pit. After defeating the Black Phantom, open the door and make sure you talk to Saint Ulbain so you can see him again in the Nexus.

Miracles Taught by Saint Urbain

Teacher/Cost Effect
Saint Urbain
Resurrect Phantoms in their own world.
Saint Urbain
Cure status ailments
Anti-Magic Field
Saint Urbain
Create an area where magic cannot be used
Second Chance
Saint Urbain
Revive user from death once.
Saint Urbain
Slowly recover HP over time
Saint Urbain
Send Black Phantoms back to their world.
God's Wrath
Saint Urbain
Unleash a powerful force blast
Saint Urbain
Recover a large amount of HP

Miracles also taught by the Disciple of God are not listed here

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