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New and Returning Features


This will cover all the information announced for Demon's Souls during the most recent State of Play announcement.

Detailed Character Customization

Character Customization Demon Souls

Character customization will allow players to choose from thousands of different combinations to create their own unique character. Facial structure, hair type, skin color, and decals are just some of the many options that will be available.

Preserved Gameplay Mechanics


While the Demon's Souls remake boasts impressive graphical improvements and new features, the original gameplay code has been preserved to give players the feel of the original Demon's Souls. This means basics like the timing of attacks, enemy AI, and rolling speeds will feel the same for veterans of the series.

The mechanics will be the same, but the visuals will be ramped up. All weapons in the game have received new animations that give each one a more unique feel.

Cinematic and Performance Modes

Flame Lurker

Demon's Souls will feature two graphical modes that can be toggled between. Cinematic mode will focus on fluidity and features a 4K visual experience that will run at 30fps. Performance mode also has 4K visuals, but at 60fps that will draw out every detail the game has to offer.

3D Audio with Remastered Soundtracks

Dirty Colossus

Thousands of new sound effects have been added to the game to go with the Playstation 5's 3D audio. Not only have new sounds been added, but the original soundtrack by Shunsuke Kida has been rearranged and reorchestrated for the PS5.

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