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Best Place to Farm Souls

This guide will show you the best places to farm souls in Demon's Souls Remake. Read on to learn more about the best locations to find souls, as well as tips on efficient soul farming.

Efficient Ways to Farm Souls

Kill Rolling Skeletons with Blunt Weapons

One of the best ways to farm souls early on is to kill Rolling Skeletons in the Shrine of Storms. They can be quite annoying to deal with but taking them on with blunt weapons, their weakness, is the best way to go. One such weapon is the Morning Star, which can be found in 5-1: Valley of Defilement. You can also obtain a Great Club in 2-1: Stonefang Tunnel, or a Club from the Dregling Merchant in 1-1: Boletarian Palace.

Defeat Black Phantoms Online

You can also earn souls by matching with friends online and defeating Black Phantoms. This is a safe and efficient way to earn more souls, as the higher the opponent's soul level, the more souls you earn.

Online Multiplayer Guide

Defeat the Black Skeleton in 4-2: Adjudicator Archstone

We used a Dragon Long Sword +1 in the video above

Another way to get more souls in the early game is to defeat the Reaper and Black Skeleton in 4-2: Adjudicator Archstone. Both can easily be defeated if you use a Dragon Weapon. The amount of souls earned from killing both of them will range from 8,500 to 13,000. Once you get used to it, you can defeat them in less than 90 seconds, making soul farming more efficient.

Where to Go at the Adjudicator Archstone

1 Start at the Archstone.
2 Avoid the Shadowmen and find the Reaper.
3 Defeat the Reaper using a Dragon Weapon.
4 Enter the stairway to the right then head towards the exit.
5 Climb up the stairs and strike the hidden door.
6 The Black Skeleton may be too strong so using a long distance weapon is recommended.

Skipping the Black Skeleton is Fine

If the Black Skeleton proves to be too strong for you, you can stop at the Reaper and either return to the Archstone or jump off a nearby cliff and collect your souls after.

Farm Healing Items at the Tower Knight Archstone

Another place where you can earn stronger recovery items is at the Tower Knight Archstone. Instead of moving on to 1-3, run backwards from where you start and you will see two knights on the bridge. They are easily taken out with a backstab and drop Half, Late, and Full Moon Grasses in abundance.

This isn't the most efficient way to farm Grasses, however, as you can simply use the souls you farmed in the Shrine of Storms to buy them from Patches in the Nexus.

Trick the Red Eyes Knight Into Falling in Boletarian Palace

You can trick a Red Eyes Knight into falling to its death taking advantage of a shortcut to the top of the palace.

How to Unlock the Palace Shortcut

1 Make your way to the top of the palace.
2 Go to the bottom of the stairwell.
3 Use the lever to raise the gate.

From the 1-1 Archstone, head to the shortcut and kill the Soldier with a Crossbow and the two Dreglings near the square-shaped hole. Make sure you don't break the two barrels near the exit. Go to the top section of the castle and enter the room at the end.

Approach the Red Eyes Knight and he will begin chasing you. Lure him toward the stairwell until you walk past the two barrels then position yourself diagonally from them. The Red Eyes Knight should fall to the bottom of the starewell and die when he tries to get the past the barrels. You can get his souls and loot his body.

Repeatedly Kill Storm Beasts

You can farm more souls by repeatedly killing Storm Beasts. But before you get to do this, you have to beat the Storm King first. It's an intense fight, but using the Storm Ruler is very effective.

After defeating the Storm King, you can now use the boss room as a soul farming spot by repeatedly killing Storm Beasts then hopping off a nearby ledge to more quickly repeat the process, collecting your souls when you return.

Soul Farming in New Game Plus

Use Soulsucker to Quickly Defeat Monsters

Provided you chose the good ending in your prior run, you can trade the Maiden in Black Soul for the Soulsucker spell from Yuria that will net you double the souls upon killing an enemy with it.

Travel to 4-3: Old Hero Archstone, and go back through the cave with the Giant Slugs. Make sure to avoid the moving white lights until you reach a staircase at the end of the passage. You can use a bow to kill the Grim Reaper and approach the Black Phantom Skeleton from behind. By casting Soulsucker you can one shot it. If you cast Evacuate you will immediately return to the Nexus where you can rinse and repeat, earning yourself over 50k souls per run.

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