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How to Parry | Parry and Riposte Guide

This is a guide to using Parry and Riposte in Demon's Souls (DS) Remake for the PS5. Read on to know how to Parry, tips for parrying, how to execute Riposte, and how to increase damage dealt by Riposte.

How to Parry

Time Your Parry Before Enemy Attack Hits You

By equipping a shield to your left hand or other weapons that are capable of parrying, you'll be able to initiate a parry. Beware, you can successfully parry an attack even if your input is late. But doing so will make you take partial damage so be careful and don't parry attacks recklessly when your HP is low.

Initiate a Riposte with the R1 Button

After a successful Parry, you can approach the enemy and press R1 to initiate a Riposte. A Riposte is a strong critical hit that will also give you invincibility while performing the move. This makes parrying rewarding when done perfectly.

Parry Timing Tips

Parry Right Before Enemy Attacks

Use your parry when the enemy is about to complete his attack. This will ensure that your parry animation will land at the same time as the enemy's attack.

Memorize Enemy Attack Timing

Getting a feel for the enemy's attack timing will greatly help in your parry timing. Make sure to observe enemies and attempt to bait out their attacks to get a feel for the parry timing.

Extra: Riposte Cancelling

What is Riposte Cancelling

In the original PS3 version, you can cancel the riposte animation by performing several moves like dashing and using an item. The Riposte will still go through while you can perform a different action and thus, maximizing your actions.

Sidestep Riposte
riposte sidestep.gif
After parrying R1.png + X button.png
Item Riposte
riposte then Item.gif
After parrying R1.png + Square button.png

Overall, doing these glitches will only offer style points since you lose out on the invulnerability frames from performing the Riposte animation (and not to mention that using Riposte against enemies feel satisfying).

How to Increase Riposte Damage

Increase Your Damage

This is an obvious path to take if you wish to increase your Riposte damage. Increasing your base damage will also increase the damage your critical strikes will do. This can be done by upgrading the stat that's associated with your weapons and upgrading the weapon itself.

Use Weapons From the Fatal Upgrade Tree

The Fatal daggers have a critical modifier. This upgrade tree will reduce the base damage of your weapon but it will massively increase the damage of backstabs and Riposte. Make sure to bring a Fatal weapon with you if you wish to use Riposte and Backstab.

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