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1-3: Tower Knight Archstone Story Walkthrough and Map

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This is the story walkthrough for 1-3: Tower Knight Archstone in the Demon's Souls Remake (DS) for PS5. Keep reading for maps, tips on how to complete this stage, a list of NPCs, and items that can be found!

Archstone of the Small King
1-1: Boletarian Palace 1-2: Phalanx Archstone
1-3: Tower Knight Archstone 1-4: Penetrator Archstone

1-3: Tower Knight Archstone Story Walkthrough


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Walkthrough Chart

To access Boletarian Palace 1-3, you'll need to have slain at least one Archdemon (one of the last bosses of the other Archstones)

At the start of the area, prepare some long-ranged weapons to snipe the wolves. Since their damage ramps up on 1-3, you'll want to play things safely.
Also, beware of easy to obtain items from corpses or cramped spaces. There are several traps in the area so approach these areas with caution.
Head towards the stairs slowly, they will release a flaming boulder. Once you reach safety, approach the Fat Official for a short cutscene.
After the cutscene, you'll be ambushed by 3 soldiers. Defeat them then enter the door they came from.
The following area will be cramped so using vertical attacks or piercing attacks will greatly prove beneficial.
After clearing the narrow path, you can snipe the crossbowman stationed across the area to rid yourself of a headache, then take the path to the left to encounter your first Assassins.
The Assassins attack fast so you can easily parry their blows and aim for a riposte.
Once you reach the area where the crossbowman was stationed, approach the stairs slowly then back out to bait the flaming boulder trap. Once again, the path will be narrow and there will be several assassins here so preparing a riposte or using piercing attacks is the way to go.
After getting through the spies, and reaching an open area, you will notice a Fat Official on the other side of the map along with some crossbowmen. You can start sniping them here with bows if you wish.
To the right is a room containing a Red Eyes Knight and a Soldier, you can use a Soul Remains to get them distracted or you can just try to pick the Soldier off then aim for a backstab against the Knight (or a Riposte).
Destroy the barricade to reveal a path. Upstairs, you'll meet your friendly Dregling Merchant and outside, you can loot a body for a Great Sword. Once done shopping, exit the room and head through the fog.
Defeat the Red Knight then make your way slowly to the Fat Official. Before you can do it, an assassin will swoop in from above, eliminate it first then head for the Fat Official.
The Fat Official uses a lot of moves that make it vulnerable. Wait for its fireball or its overhead slash before going in for the kill.
You'll obtain the Iron Key Ring from the Fat Official which can be used to rescue Biorr. Biorr is going to aid you in your fight against the Penetrator so make sure to rescue him before heading for the boss fight.
Make your way up by clearing the enemies. Before the last staircase is a flaming boulder trap so approach with caution.
From here, you can drop down to go for the Fat Official that was taunting you earlier. Take note that on this fight, you'll want to quickly open the gate to free our friend Ostrava from the two Red Eyes Knights.
Make sure to loot the Fat Official's body to gain the Official's Cap. Also, talk to Ostrava to get a Pure Clearstone.
The area's almost cleared so now's a good time to return to the Tower Knight's area. Open the door using the Iron Key Ring. Defeat the Fat Official located inside and open the door to Biorr's Cell. Also, on the end of the path, you can loot the body at the end to gain a Tower Shield
Loot the Fat Official's Body to get the Bloody Iron Key.
Return to the starting area of 1-3 then take the path at the upper right (from the entrance's perspective) to find a locked door. Use the Bloody Iron Key to open it. Make your way to the maze-like area to find a tower. Climb it then equip the Official's Cap.
At the top of the tower, the Fat Official will use the lever to lower the path allowing you to reach Yuria. The Fat Official won't aggro you while you're wearing the cap. Taking it off or damaging it will make it resume aggro.
Take the cap off after killing the Fat Official then talk to Yuria.
Return to the end of 1-3 then eliminate the 3 Red Knights guarding the fog. Once done, enter the fog to initiate your fight with the Penetrator. With Biorr's help, the fight should be extremely easy.
Recruiting Biorr to fight with you will also net you a trophy.

④ Assassins

The Assassins will often be encountered on areas you will be at a disadvantage. They can lie in ambush in narrow paths or can also come swooping from above. Always be on the lookout for them and dispatch them ASAP.

⑫ Saving Biorr

Biorr's Cell is located at the area where you fought the Tower Knight. There's a Fat Minister inside so prepare for a fight.

⑬ Saving Yuria

yuria tower
Before proceeding to this step, make sure that you have obtained the Bloody Iron Key and the Official's Cap. If any of the two are missing, it will be impossible to save Yuria.

Boss: Penetrator

HP Souls
2960 Silver Demon Soul
Save Biorr to gain an ally for the fight!

How to Beat the Penetrator

1-3: Tower Knight Archstone Tips and Tricks

Tips Summary
checkmark.pngSaving Three NPCs
checkmark.pngEliminating the Red Knights
checkmark.pngClimbable Ledges
checkmark.pngSprint Through Enemies or use Soul Remains

Saving Three NPCs

The three NPCs (two if you failed to save Ostrava in area 1-1 or 1-2) all require saving. Biorr in particular will aid you in your fight against the Penetrator so it's good to make sure you save him if you're having trouble with the fight.

Eliminating Red Knights

red eye knights
There are several Red Knights in the area, they unleash a flurry of heavy attacks so guarding with small shields isn't recommended. Wait for their 4 flurry attack to gain a free backstab or use a Soul Remains to distract them while you can go for the kill.

Climbable Ledges

Like the ledge that leads to Ostrava in part 1-1, there are several ledges you can hop to gain access to new areas, like hopping on one area to be able to get a shortcut to the second Fat Official. Use the camera to angle downwards; if there are platforms or lootable bodies, the ledge is most likely climbable.

Sprint Through Enemies or Use Soul Remains

sprint through enemies
Sometimes, it is better to just skip through the enemies in order to proceed. Equipping the Thief's Ring can also reduce the enemy's aggro range. If still insufficient, you can also distract the enemies with Soul Remains.

1-3: Tower Knight Archstone NPCs

Regular NPCs

Biorr Of the Twin Fangs

HP Acquired Soul
1250 740
Dropped Items
Large Brushwood Shield, Brushwood Armor Set, Ring of Great Strength

You can rescue him by using the Iron Ring of Keys on the locked door from where you fought the Tower Knight. You can also obtain the Bloody Key from the Fat Official that's guarding Biorr's cell which you can use to access the tower where Yuria is locked in.

Where to Find Biorr of the Twin Fangs

Yuria The Witch

HP Acquired Soul
700 440
Dropped Items
Old Ragged Armor Set, Ring of Magical Nature

Can be rescued by obtaining the Bloody Key from the Fat Official that is guarding Biorr's cell. You'll also need the Official's Cap to get the Fat Official to use the lever that will allow you to reach Yuria. The Official's Cap can be obtained from the Fat Official that blocked your path while the bloody key can be obtained from the Fat Official that's guarding Biorr's Cell.

Where to Find Yuria, the Witch

Ostrava of Boletaria

You will find Ostrava, once again, in need of dire help. He'll be trapped fighting 2 red eye knights and one undead knight while trapped with the gate that the fat minister has used to bar your path. Quickly open it when you reach the Fat Official on the other side to save Ostrava.

Where to Find Ostrava of Boletaria

1-3: Tower Knight Archstone Items

Ring of Magical Nature Penetrating Sword Ring of the Accursed

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