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Magic Warrior Build and Best Weapons

This is the guide to the Magic Warrior build for Demon's Souls for the PS5. Check here to find out what kind out of build Magic Warrior is, the stat alignment for the build, and our recommended weapons!

What is the Magic Warrior Build?

A Melee Build that Uses Magic and Miracles

The Magic Warrior is a swordfighter that can use both magic and miracles. According to the build, it is split into those that put more into Magic or more into Faith. The build with higher magic prevalence is referred to as the Magic Warrior. The one with higher Faith can be called the Faith or Umbasa Swordsman.

Magic Warrior Stats

Magic Warrior Priest Build (SL95)

Status Level Important Points
Vitality 30 ・Increase your Vitality until 30
・Based on your skill, doing less than 30 is also possible
Intelligence 15 ・You can use Light Weapon even if you have the Insanity Catalyst equipped
・If your MP has not been halved, you can also still use Second Chance
Endurance 40 ・Increase your Endurance to 40 for a comfortable amount of stamina
Strength 30 ・Adjust according to your weapons
Dexterity 8 ・Adjust according to your weapons
Magic 30 ・Increase to 30 for your to use Enchant Weapon
Faith 16 ・Able to use Second Chance
Luck 8 ・Not needed

Buff with Light Weapon

The Magic Warrior build's greatest specialty is being able to buff weapons by using the high Magic stat. With a high enough Magic stat, the use of the spell Light Weapon to buff your weapons can be effective for taking on enemies weak to magic.

Faith Warrior Temple Knight Build (SL80)

Stat Level Important Points
Endurance 30 ・Increase your Vitality until 30
・Based on your skill, doing less than 30 is also possible
Intelligence 15 ・For enough MP to use Second Chance
Endurance 40 ・Increase your Endurance to 40 for a comfortable amount of stamina
Strength 20 ・Adjust for the weapon you use
Dexterity 12 ・Not needed
Magic 6 ・Not needed
Faith 30 ・Blessed weapon scaling
Luck 7 ・Not needed

A build that uses Blessed weapons

The Faith Warrior build's greatest specialty is its ability to win fights by carrying Blessed weapons. Also, if you use the Regeneration miracle, you will be able to raise your durability. However, if you use it, keep in mind that you will be unable to use Second Chance.

Using the Magic Warrior Build

Buff and incorporate magic attacks

The Magic Warrior will make use of buffs to add magic damage to their regular attacks. First buff weapons with the Enchant Weapon spell. After defeating the Penetrator, take its Demon Soul to Sage Freke to acquire Light Weapon. This will allow you to buff your weapons with even stronger magic.

You can also use longe-range magic depending on your stats

The Magic Warrior typically uses buffs, but the option to use long-range magic is also convenient. The Magic Warrior should have no problem with its base stat alignment, but it could be difficult if running a Faith Swordsman build.

Recommended Weapons for the Magic Warrior Build

Ordinary Weapons

We recommend ordinary weapons for the Magic Warrior build. Depending on some situations, Crushing weapons or Sharp weapons may also be used, but since there is no stat specialty for those categories, ordinary weapons are not a problem.

Do not use Crescent weapons

Crescent weapons cannot be buffed with Light Weapon. Therefore, you cannot achieve the main purpose of this build, which is to add magic damage by using buffs.

Blessed weapons

If running a Faith Swordsman build, Blessed weapons are going to be the most suitable. Buffs like Light Weapon will not be as strong as the Magic Warrior, but you can specialize in using Second Chance. Also, your group will be mostly the same as the Muscle-head.

Blessed Weapons List

Mild Hammer Iron Knuckles Halberd
Mace Great Axe Crescent Axe
Guillotine Axe Battle Axe Great Sword
Claymore Bastard Sword Northern Regalia
Long Sword Short Sword Morning Star

Large Sword of Moonlight

If running the Faith Swordsmen build, you can also carry the Large Sword of Moonlight. It has an excellent scaling in Faith and the only stat requirement is Faith. Also, it cannot be blocked by shields, making it a good weapon to carry as insurance.

Large Sword of Moonlight Upgrades and How to Get

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