Demon's Souls PS5

Best Builds and Stat Explanation

Check here for an explanation of all stats as well as the best builds in Demon's Souls for the PS5. Read on to learn about what each stat effects, how to level up stats for the best build, and the best builds overall!

Important Points to Remember About Stats

Tired of Dying? Invest into Vitality!

You cannot go wrong by investing levels into Vitality. Having the skill to survive any attack without taking damage is commendable, but being able to withstand attacks up to a certain degree is also valuable. However, you will want to increase your attack power as well, so aim for a Vitality stat of 30. Any more than that should only be raised if you are still struggling to progress.

Allocate Endurance to 40

Like Vitality, another stat you cannot go wrong with investing in is Endurance. Endurance not only raises the amount of stamina you have but also increases your equipment burden. However, your stamina bar will stop rising after 40, so it is not necessary to increase it any further than that.

Decide your Build and Invest into Stats

Another important point to remember is to decide what build you want to make and allocating your stats to support your build. For example, if close-quarters fighting is important, invest in Dexterity and Strength, and if going for a magic build, invest in Intelligence, Magic, or Faith. At the very least, in the beginning decide whether you want to have a melee build or a magic one.

Allocate for your Desired Weapon

Most weapons in Demon's Souls require stats to wield effectively. When those stats are not met, you cannot wield the weapon to its fullest extent. What's important to remember is that your Strength is increased by 1.5 times when you wield a weapon with both hands, so if a weapon's Strength stat is 15 and you have only 10 Strength, you can wield it by using both hands.

Don't Forget the Stats of your Weapons

Each weapon has its own Attribute Bonus as well. Investing in your stats in accordance to a weapon's attribute bonus will raise that weapon's power. Therefore, simply investing in Strength in the beginning will not necessarily make you stronger. Furthermore, depending on the type of weapon, it may also scale with Magic, so decide what kind of weapon you will use when you start.

Best Stats to Invest In (Builds)

The Pure Strength Build is Recommended

When playing through Demon's Souls for the first time, the Pure Strength build is what we recommend the most. If you focus on increasing your Vitality, Strength, and Endurance and wield a weapon with both hands, your attack power will be considerably boosted. Combining that with a weapon that scales with your stats will only increase your attack power even more. Of course, there are many different builds you can create. Create the build that will play the way you want to.

Melee Build

Build Characteristics
Pure Strength ・Strength specialist
・One-hit kill power is high
・Slower movement
Dexterity Warrior ・Dexterity specialist
・Faster than Musclehead
・Difficult to farm upgrade materials
High Class Warrior ・Takes the best areas from the Musclehead and Dexterity Warrior
・Can use a variety of weapons
・Takes a long time to complete this build

The melee build is, as the name suggests, a build where you only use weapons. When playing through the game, you will end up making some form of one of these 3 builds. However, as stated above, the High Class Warrior takes time to fully complete, so some patience is required.

Magic Build

Build Characteristics
Pure Magic ・Magic specialist
・Only battles with magic
Magic and Faith ・Magic and Faith specialist
・Effecient with both spells and miracles
Magic Warrior ・Battle with Magic and Miracles
・Battle style slightly changes based on whether using magic or miracles

A Magic-based build a very effective build for playing through Demon's Souls. The Pure Magic build is a particularly strong build. It is recommended for more experienced players, but the Magic Warrior build is without a doubt one of the most effective builds when playing through Demon's Souls. However, it takes some time to allocate stats, so it can be considered somewhat difficult to build.

Specialist Build

Build Characteristics
Vitality Warrior ・Vitality Specialist
・Stat alignment depends on weapon
Blueblood ・Entirely built around using the Blueblood Sword
・An amazingly strong build based around the Luck stat

The Specialist build is a unique build as the name says. The Vitality Warrior build has high Vitality and Endurance stats and is a specialist in survival. The Blueblood build focuses on the Blueblood Sword, a unique item that is forged from the Demon Soul of Maiden Astraea. While this build solely focuses on one weapon, it has the potential to be one of the strongest weapons in the game, so this build has its merits.

Demon's Soul Stats List and Effects

Stat List

Stat Effect
Vitality ・HP, item burden
Intelligence ・MP, magic spell slots
Endurance ・Stamina, equipment burden, fire, bleeding, and poison resistance
Strength ・Attack power
Dexterity ・Attack power, fall damage
Magic ・Magic weapon attack power, magic attack power
Faith ・Faith weapon attack power, miracle attack power, magic defense
Luck ・Item drop rate, plague resistance

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