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4-1: Shrine of Storms Story Walkthrough and Map

This is the story walkthrough for 4-1: Shrine of Storms in the Demon's Souls Remake (DS) for PS5. Keep reading for maps, tips on how to complete this stage, a list of NPCs, and items that can be found!

Archstone of the Shadowmen
4-1: Shrine of Storms 4-2: Adjudicator Archstone 4-3: Old Hero Archstone

4-1: Shrine of Storms Story Walkthrough


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Walkthrough Chart

note The Skeletons in this area are weak to blunt attacks. You can go fight the Skeletons using a Club or if your strength stat is high enough, you can even go barehanded.
You will immediately see a Skeleton at the starting point. These are the normal enemies in 4-1 and can cause damage by rolling. Approach each Skeleton with caution!
Follow the path until you reach the fog. There are no other paths and there will only be Skeletons blocking your way.
After entering the fog, head left but be mindful of the trap. Staying at the leftmost edge of the wall can help avoiding the arrows. Climb the stairs and eliminate the archers.
Head left then down to encounter a Black Skeleton. It can deal massive damage but its jump attack makes it vulnerable to backstabs.
Return to the bottom then proceed to the center, you will see a familiar face: the Vanguard. This time, it will have some Storm Beasts assisting it. Equip a Thief's Ring to reduce the Storm Beast's aggro range while you fight the Vanguard.
Before entering the fog, enter the huge hole in the middle of the area. There's a narrow path with a trap. After triggering it, you'll notice that the path leads to a dead end. Hit the wall to remove the illusory wall.
At the end of the corridor, you'll find the area's merchant, Graverobber Blige.
There's also a right turn you can take instead of heading to Blige's cell, this leads to one of the archer's outposts on the area near the Vanguard. You can also loot a Compound Longbow from the corpse, which is a good ranged weapon.
The path that leads to an open area leads to Sparkly the Crow.
Once everything's done, proceed to the fog and clear out the enemies. The path will eventually lead to a narrow ledge with Gold Skeletons.
The Skeletons are susceptible to Soul Remains which you can easily obtain in this area. Throw it behind them then backstab them. You can also smack them with a Club or hit them with your fists until they fall.
Once through the Gold Skeletons, enter the fog then take a left. The furthest entrance has a door trap and a path leads to a Black Skeleton and the room to the Adjudicator. Climbing up and using the beams as a platform leads to a Graverobber's Ring. The other entrance before the entrance to the Adjudicator leads to a Crystal Lizard and a corpse that has a Regenerator's Ring.

⑤ Graverobber Blige

hole 4-1.jpgHole with illusory walls. graverobber.jpgBlige's Cell

Opening Blige's cell will allow you to purchase items from him. Getting some restoratives is recommended due to the Storm Beast's attacks.

⑦ Gold Skeletons

gold Skeleton
Hit them with Blunt Attacks or throw a Soul Remains behind them to make them turn their back on you and hit them with a backstab. Hitting them with your fists if your strength is high is also effective and satisfying.

Boss: Adjudicator

HP (NG) Dropped Items
1306 Swollen Demon Soul
Attack its wounded part to make it fall down then attack its head.

How to Beat the Adjudicator

4-1: Shrine of Storms Tips and Tricks

Tips Summary
checkmark.pngUse Blunt Weapons
checkmark.pngEquip the Thief's Ring
checkmark.pngPay Attention to the Ground
checkmark.pngTrade with Sparkly The Crow

Use Blunt Weapons

Blunt weapons such as a club or your first (bare handed or knuckles) works wonders against the Skeletons. Avoid using bladed weapons unless your character is over-leveled.

Equip the Thief's Ring

The Thief's Ring will allow you to lessen the Storm Beast's aggression. It can lessen the amount of damage you recieve from the Storm Beasts and can help you not be caught in sticky situations.

Pay Attention to the Ground

The arrow traps are activated by stepping on the shiny slightly elevated stone on the ground. Always take a look at the ground when traversing narrow areas to avoid instant death from traps.

Trade WIth Sparkly the Crow

Sparkly the Crow is found in 4-1. The crow is found on the tree just before the fog leading to the Adjudicator's Room. You can leave items near his nest and Sparkly will replace it with items of it's own. For a list of all items that Sparkly gives, refer to our guide below.

Where to Find Sparkly the Crow

4-1: Shrine of Storms NPCs

Graverobber Blige

HP Acquired Soul
670 310
Dropped Items
Graverobber's Ring

Graverobber Blige can be rescued from his cell from the huge pit just past the Adjudicator. There are some traps, illusory walls, and Skeletons barring your path.

Where to Find Graverobber Blige


HP Acquired Soul
860 1220
Dropped Items
Magic Sword "Makoto"

Satsuki will only appear during Pure White World Tendency. He will be asking you to give him the Magic Sword Makoto and upon doing so, will attack you to test it's might. Doing this will also earn you the Silver Trophy, Worthy of the Sword.

Where to Find Satsuki

Black Phantom Satsuki

HP Acquired Soul
1710 4630
Dropped Items

Unlike his human form, Black Phantom Satsuki will (like the other black phantoms) will be aggro at you at the moment he sights you. Wearing a Thief's Ring can help reduce his aggro so do equip it if you wish to fight the Black Phantom.

4-1: Shrine of Storms Items

Talisman of God Crescent Falchion +1 Kilij
Compound Long Bow Regenerator's Ring Copper Key
Uchigatana Adjudicator's Shield Graverobber's Ring

※Consumable items are not included in this list

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