Demon's Souls PS5

How to Obtain An Additional Magic Slot

Ring of Magical Nature
Check here to learn about how to gain an additional Magic slot in Demon's Souls for the PS5. How the glitch works, what are its benefits, and things to watch out for will all be covered!

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Gain an Extra Magic Slot with the Ring of Magical Nature

To perform this glitch, you must first need the Ring of Magical Nature. It will increase your Magic slot by 1.

Ring of Magical Nature Effects and How to Get

How the Glitch Works

The glitch will allow you to keep a spell equipped that is above your current spell slots even with the ring unequipped. After equipping the ring, attune a magic spell with more slots than you currently have. Once attuning the spell, swap out the Ring of Magical Nature. This will allow you to keep the spell equipped while also using the ring slot for something else. This glitch may reset if you are invaded, summoned, or invade other players. If so, simply equip the ring and attune the spell again. When you swap out the ring, it will say that is spell is unequipped, but you will still be able to use it normally.

Benefits of the Glitch

This glitch is particularly useful for gaining the ability to use powerful spells with relatively low Intellegince. In particular, the spell Firestorm is very powerful and requires 3 slots. With this trick, you will only need 2 slots to use Firestorm. This will allow you to put points into other stats such as Magic. It will also allow you to use another ring, such as the Ring of Magical Sharpness. It pairs well with Firestorm to create a devastating spell.

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