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2-2: Armor Spider Archstone Story Walkthrough and Map

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This is the story walkthrough for 2-2: Armor Spider Archstone in the Demon's Souls Remake (DS) for PS5. Keep reading for maps, tips on how to complete this stage, a list of NPCs, and items that can be found!

2-2: Armor Spider Archstone Story Walkthrough


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Walkthrough Chart

Upon entry, you'll immediately notice carts with bombs on them. They will explode when you approach so proceed with caution!
Choice You now have two choices, you can turn left and explore the area where you can get several crafting materials by slaying the bugs, looting the corpses, and eliminating the miners, or head right and use the platforms until you reach the bottom. The bottom leads to the boss against the Flamelurker.
Due to this, it is completely possible to speedrun this area by skipping the left part and shooting straight for the Flameluker.
Heading left you'll encounter a Fat Official, dispatch it to safely proceed. After continuing, you'll encounter hardened carcasses of Landworms, you can roll through them to proceed faster.
Optional blackphantom duo
Use the lever to make the platform descend. You'll encounter a Crystal Lizard and 2 Black Phantoms

It is advisable to not chase the Crystal Lizard. Bait one of the phantoms from a distance for an easier fight.
After clearing the area, you'll reach a place with a bunch of wooden platforms and you'll also encounter your first Bearbugs and Landworms here.
Head slightly right to encounter a Landworm. After killing it, look beneath to see a platform, jump to it to descend the area.
There's a tunnel here opposite the area that's infested by Bearbugs. It's a tunnel that leads to a lever that allows you to use the elevator near the Fat Official at the entrance of 2-2.
On the outskirts of the area, you'll see an NPC named Patches the Hyena. He'll offer you the loot from the corpse beneath the beam "as a sign of friendship". Do not take the item yet, kill the Bearbug above it then sprint away before taking the item.
From Patches' location, step down then head north until you see a lootable corpse down below. Step forward to descend and loot it for a Black Heater Shield.
The lowest part of this area houses several flying Bearbugs and Landworms; you can skip through them but doing so might leave you trapped in the mines near there (which is also a maze and difficult to traverse)
Once inside the maze, head right for a lootable item then left (choosing which tunnel on the left side won't matter). Lure the Bearbug in one of the holes then enter the opposite hole to pass through the Bearbug
Alternatively, you can always just kill it.
Head further then drop down. After dropping, head left then follow the path. You'll see an area with lava soon.
After reaching the lava, head right and make sure to tread on the rightmost side to avoid fire damage. There are two holes you can enter from here, the second hole will lead to another maze.
After this point, you pretty much explored the left side of 2-2, you can now return to the Nexus and make the right turn at the entrance of 2-2 to fight the Flamelurker or just head to the end of the maze, it will also lead to the Fire Lurker.

③ Bearbugs and Landworms

Bearbugs are extremely sturdy creatures. They're resistant to fire and physical attacks. To beat them, you need to use Magic or weapons that inflict status ailments like Poison or Blight. Against Landworms, their weakness is their head. Use a bow and aim at their heads to kill them quickly.

Boss: Flamelurker

HP Drop
3720 Searing Demon Soul
Tips and Strategy
Time your Dodges and Goodluck!

How to Beat the Flamelurker

2-2: Armor Spider Archstone Tips and Tricks

Tips Summary
checkmark.pngTake the Dragon Longsword in the Maze
checkmark.pngBring Magic or Weapons that cause status ailments.
checkmark.pngBring a lot of Arrows
checkmark.pngBeware of Lava

Take the Dragon Longsword +1 in the Maze

dragon long sword.jpg
Make sure to take the Dragon Long Sword+1 inside the maze. It's a valuable weapon with high damage, low stat scaling, and deals fire damage. A highly recommended weapon for characters that highly invested in Vitality so they can still deal decent damage while being tanky.

Bring Magic or Damaging Status Ailment Causing Weapons

The Bearbugs are extremely durable. You'll need to rely on magic or status ailments to kill them easily and faster.

Bring a lot of Arrows

The Landworms' weak spots are their head. Use a bow to hit their head to take them down easier.

Beware of Lava

It is possible to cross the Lava with the right gear, level, and spells. There is valuable loot you can gain so make sure to return to the area after preparing yourself adequately.

2-2: Armor Spider Archstone NPCs

Patches the Hyena

HP Soul
650 165
Thief's Ring

Where to Find Patches, the Hyena

Attempts to trap you using a loot and a giant Bearbug. It might be tempting to kill him, but proceeding his questline can turn him to a merchant in the Nexus. He sells arrows and is a valuable NPC to keep alive.

Scirvir the Wanderer

HP Soul
1050 730
Ronin's Ring

Located at the right path of 2-2. He only appears at exteme levels of World Tendency as a human or Black Phantom depending on which World Tendecy your world has reached.

Where to Find Scirvir the Wanderer

Scirvir's Black Phantom

black phantom scirvir
HP Soul
2100 3880
Talisman of Beasts

Black Phantom 1

HP Soul
1150 970
3 Dragonstone Chunks, Black Eye Stone, Stone of Ephemeral Eyes

Black Phantom 2

HP Soul
1110 1380
3 Clearstone Chunks, Black Eye Stone, Stone of Ephemeral Eyes

2-2: Armor Spider Archstone Items

Dragon Long Sword + 1 Dark Heater Shield +2 Hands of God
Dragonstone Chunk Flame Resistance Great Axe
Plague Resistance Ring Club

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