Demon's Souls PS5

How to Beat the Leechmonger

This is a guide on how you can beat the Leechmonger boss in the Demon's Souls Remake for the Playstation 5. Read on to learn strategies, drops, and stats about the Leechmonger.

Leechmonger Stats

Basic Info

Valley of Defilment
Souls Drops Weakness
8249 Wriggling Demon Soul Flame


HP 2047 Normal Def 107
Slash Def 107 Blunt Def 134
Pierce Def 107 Magic Def 100
Fire Def 65 Poison Res Immune
Plague Res Immune Bleed Res Immune

How to Beat the Leechmonger

Boss Guide Video Walkthrough

Battle Overview
checkmarkWatch Out for When It Recovers

checkmarkKeep Your Distance Fairly Close to Prevent Recovery

checkmarkUse Pine Resin on Your Weapons for Highly Effective Attacks

Watch Out for When It Recovers

When hit with an attack, the body of the Leechmonger will begin to swarm with leeches near the center of its stomach. When this happens, it will start to heal itself. Attack the mass of leeches to prevent it from recovering.

Keep Your Distance Fairly Close to Prevent Recovery

If you get too far from the Leechmonger, it will activate its healing ability. Once it activates its healing ability, the battle will turn into a much longer fight, so be careful not to make too much distance.

Use Pine Resin on Your Weapons for Highly Effective Attacks

Fire attacks are especially effective against the Leechmonger, so use Pine Resin to buff your weapon with fire. Fire magic attacks are equally effective, but be sure to fight nearby so it does not activate its recovery.

Leechmonger Cheese Strategy


The Leechmonger isn't a difficult boss but with this method, it becomes even easier. Firestorm deals massive damage in a large area and the damage comes from the individual flames it produces. Due to Leechmonger's size, the flames will hit it multiple times and it can even possible kill it in one hit.

This can only be done in NG+ or if you have already cleared the entirety of Stonefang Tunnel and have saved Yuria in 1-3.

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