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3-1: Tower of Latria Story Walkthrough and Map

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This is the story walkthrough for 3-1: Tower of Latria in the Demon's Souls Remake (DS) for PS5. Keep reading for maps, tips on how to complete this stage, a list of NPCs, and items that can be found!

Archstone of the Tower Queen
3-1: Tower of Latria Archstone 3-2: Fool's Idol Archstone 3-3: Maneater Archstone

3-1: Tower of Latria Story Walkthrough


Floor 3 Floor 4
Warden's Hall Floor 2
Map 4 Updated
Floor 1 Path to Cathedral
Map 7

The indicates the Archstone (aka, your starting spot). The Blue lines represents fog, the red lines are unlockable doors via keys and the greenlines are doors that don't require a key.

Walkthrough Chart

You'll begin in one of the cells in the Tower of Latria, your first goal is to get the Prison of Hope 3F Key and Cell Key. (Keys Locations)
Beware of the Mind Flayers in the area, they can deal damage from long range and has access to an AOE attack when you're near it.
After getting through the fog, your next goal is to get the Prison of Hope 4F Keys. You'll need to get through a room with some Iron Maidens to reach it.
There are several traps on floor 2. Refer to our floor 2 traps and keys section for a detailed guide about floor 2.
After clearing floor 2, open the locked door on the last section of the area to head back to floor 3 but this time, on the opposite side. On this area, you can find Sage Freke and another stairs leading to the 2nd floor.
Not much to do here right now since you still don't have the key to his cell.
Head downstairs and take the key to Prison of Hope 1F Key and Cell Key. The two games leading deeper into floor 2 is locked so proceed to floor 2 (this is not the 2nd floor of the tower)
This floor is a short one. You can encounter one Mind Flayer and Rydell. Aside from that, nothing else noteworth (Rydell's cell cannot be opened yet) so proceed to the 1st floor.
On the first floor, you can find a Prisoner Horde. It's a huge mass of prisoner and can attack in a 360 angle and launch magic from a far. It's the only threat on floor 1 but it can be difficult to beat recklessly.
Prisoner Horde is also highly resistant to magic so go for a bow if you can.
After defeating the Prisoner Horde, head to Marker I on the Floor 1 map. Head outside for a short cutscene. Head to the path where the Ironmaiden is shooting it's arrows then take the loot from the corpse just barely outside it's firing range.
It is possible to go through here by timing the invisibility frames of your dodges through the Iron Maiden's arrows. Reaching the end lies a lever you can use to disable the Iron Maiden.
Backtrack your way back to the Warden's Hall (the place where you took the 1F keys) and open the previously locked gates with the Warden's key. The end's path leads to the upperfloor just outside the tower (same area where the iron maiden ballista is located)
Make your way through the fog and disable the Ballista. On the 2nd spiral tower lies the path that leads towards the Worshipper and a special Key. Take the key and kill the Worshipper.
The worshipper will revive the area's boss so make sure to kill him before tackling the boss fight.
Optional With the Special Key, return to Sage Freke's cell to free him.
Return to the area where the Ballista is located then make your way towards the cathedral (the wide path)
Beware of a Black Phantom in the area. She uses a dagger so beware of a parry and a backstab.

① Key Locations

Key Locations

To find the 2 keys, refer to the image above, The orange markers mark the Prison of Hope 3F Cell Key and Prison of Hope 3F Key (the Cell Key is the one that's closer to the Archstone).

key 1
The Keys can easily be spotted on the walls of floor 1.

② Floor 4 Traps

Floor 2 Map Trap and Keys.jpg

  • X1 - An area that has a lootable corpse. The corpse is surrounded by Dreglings.
  • X2- An Ironmaiden with a live Dregling.
  • X3-A broken platform that can make you fall to your death or to Floor 1.
  • X4- Another living Dregling inside an Iron maiden. The Ironmaiden can easily be identified since it's the one separated from the 3 Ironmaidens.

The Green circle refers to the Prison of Hope 4F Key and Cell Key.

④ Floor 1 Keys

The key for Floor 1 are found just outside the Warden's Hall. Make sure to grab these keys.

Warden's Hall Key

Outside Floor 1
The Warden's Key is necessary to proceed to the Boss area (the normal way). The key can be obtained just at the end of the Iron Maiden Ballista's firing range. Loot the corpse just outside the ballista's range to get it.

Boss: Fool's Idol

HP (NG) Dropped Items
1365 Doll Demon Souls
Make sure to defeat the Worshipper before this boss fight!

How to Beat the Fool's Idol

3-1: Tower of Latria Tips and Tricks

Tips Summary
checkmark.pngBeware of the Mind Flayers
checkmark.pngTread Lightly To Avoid Pitfalls
checkmark.pngThe Ballista's Arrows Can Be Dodged
checkmark.pngObtain a Mercury Rapier +1

Beware of the Mind Flayers

Mind Flayer
Mind Flayers are your main enemies in the Tower of Latria 3-1. They act as a prison keeper of sorts and can use a ranged attack that will paralyze you. While paralyzed, they can grab you for lethal damage. They can also use a wide 360-degree attack that damages and knock backs targets.

Tread Lightly To Avoid Pitfalls

There are several broken ledges that can make you fall to lower floors or cause your death with the latter happening more frequently. Caution is the game when exploring the Tower of Latria. Refer to our map section to avoid these dangerous falls.

The Ballista's Arrows Can Be Dodged

The Ballista's arrows can be dodged using the invincibility frames from your roll. You need to do this to obtain the Time for Rolling Trophy.

Obtain a Mercury Rapier +1

mercury rapier
At the area with the Iron Maiden Ballista, you can tread the sides of the path by entering the broken fence. At the end of the path, you can loot a corpse that contains a Mercury Rapier +1. It's a rapier that has poison attribute and it can be used greatly against enemies with huge HP pools like the Bearbugs in 2-1.

3-1: Tower of Latria NPCs

Sage Freke, the Visionary

Sage Freke
HP Souls
430 770
Dropped Items
Ring of Magical Sharpness, Venerable Sage Set, and Baby's Nail.

Where to Find Sage Freke

Sir Rydell

HP Souls
810 820
Dropped Items
Clever Rat's Ring

Where to Find Rydell

Rydell's Black Phantom

HP Souls
2200 3570
Dropped Items
Phosphorescent Pole

Unnamed Black Phantom

The Unnamed Black Phantom uses a Crossbow and a Dagger. You can attempt for a quick backstab after it uses it's crossbow for a cheesy fight. You should also be careful about it's dagger, it can go for a Riposte or a Backstab if you're not careful.

Royal's Wife

HP Souls
2200 3570
Dropped Items
Phosphorescent Pole
Item Price Item Price
Full Moon Grass 1300 Fresh Spice 200
Old Spice 1000 Royal's Lotus 400
Widow's Lotus 1000 Augite of Guidance 50
Shard of Moonlight 3000 Rapier 1500
Wooden Catalyst 1000 Buckler 1500
Black Bolt 100 Ring of Avarice 50000

3-1: Tower of Latria Items

Black Leather Armor Set Secret Dagger Claws
Ring of Magical Sharpness Wooden Catalyst Wizard's Armor Set
Silver Coronet Venerable Sage's Armor Set Parrying Dagger
Rogue's Armor Set Legendary Hero Soul Fluted Armor Set
Silver Bracelets Kite Shield Clever Rat's Ring
Estoc Silver Catalyst

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