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Best Starting Class and Characteristics List

Soldier Class

Each starting class offers different ways to play. Here is the list of characteristics for each class. Read on to see the best starting class we recommend for Demon's Souls for the PS5!

Best Starting Class

We Recommend the Knight, Template Knight, or Royalty Classes

If you are unsure of which starting class to choose from in the beginning, we recommend the Knight, Template Knight, or Royalty Classes. Whichever of these three classes you choose, they all have the lowest Luck stat and a low Soul Level. Having a lower level will allow you more mobility in what weapons to use, so we recommend one of these 3 classes.

Recommended Class Basic Characteristics

Knight ・Overall good attribute balance
・The Kite Shield is good
・The Long Sword is fairly strong
Template Knight ・Good performance in close proximity
・The Heater Shield is very good
・The Halberd is strong
Royalty ・Can use magic
・Can freely level up from Soul Level 1

Starting Class List

Comparison of Starting Class Stats

Class Vitality.png Intelligence.png Endurance.png Strength.png Dexterity.png Magic.png Faith.png Luck.png Soul Level.png
Royalty 8 12 8 9 12 13 12 7 1
Knight 10 11 11 14 10 10 11 7 4
Temple Knight 11 8 13 14 12 6 13 7 4
Priest 13 11 12 13 8 8 13 8 6
Magician 9 15 10 9 11 15 6 11 6
Soldier 14 9 12 12 11 8 10 10 6
Hunter 12 10 13 11 12 8 8 12 6
Wanderer 10 10 11 11 15 9 7 13 6
Barbarian 15 7 13 15 9 11 8 11 9
Thief 10 13 10 9 14 10 8 15 9

Icon Key

Vitality.png Vitallity
Intelligence.png Intelligence
Endurance.png Endurance
Strength.png Strength
Dexterity.png Dexterity
Magic.png Magic
Faith.png Faith
Luck.png Luck
Soul Level.png Soul Level

Starting Class Eqiupment

Class Starting Equipment/Items
Royalty ・Rapier
・Silver Catalyst
・Silver Coronet
・Wizard's Clothes, Gloves, Shoes
Fragrant Ring
・Magic: Soul Arrow
・Half Moon Grass (4)
・Royal Lotus (3)
Knight ・Long Sword
・Mail Breaker
・Kite Shield
・Fluted Armor Set
・Crescent Moon Grass (6)
・Half Moon Grass (4)
・Royal Lotus (1)
Temple Knight ・Halberd
・Talisman of God
・Heater Shield
・Mirdan Armor Set
・Crescent Moon Grass (3)
・Miracle: Recovery
Priest ・Mace
・Talisman of God
・Heater Shield
・Chain Mail Armor Helmet, Gloves
・Hard Leather Boots
・Crescent Moon Grass (3)
・Miracle: Recovery
Magician ・Short Sword
・Wooden Catalyst
・Leather Shield
・Wizard's Clothes, Gloves, Shoes
・Crescent Moon Grass (6)
・Fresh Spice (6)
・Magic: Flame Toss, Water Veil
Soldier ・Broadsword
・Short Spear
・Soldier's Shield
・Plate Armor Set
・Bolt (20)
・Crescent Moon Grass (10)
・Soldier's Lotus (4)
Hunter ・Battle Axe
・Long Bow
・Leather Armor Set (Shield )
・Arrow (50)
・Crescent Moon Grass (10)
・Augite of Guidance (10)
Wanderer ・Falcion
・Wooden Shield
・Leather Armor
・Hard Leather Boots
・Crescent Moon Grass (8)
・Ed's Grindstone (2)
Babarian ・Club x2
・Wooden Shield
・Crescent Moon Grass (5)
・Soul Remains (3)
Thief ・Dagger
・Short Bow
・Assassin's Mask
・Black Leather, Boots, and Gloves
・Arrow (20)
・Crescent Moon Grass (8)
・Throwing Knife (10)

Royalty and Magician Classes can use Magic from the Start

Out of all the starting classes, only the Royalty and Magician classes are able to use magic from the start. Royalty also has the fragrant ring, which regenerates MP, making it easy to use magic. Furthermore, when up against weak opponents, using magic from a distance can prove to be highly effective.

Class Characteristics


Starting at Soul Level 1, Royalty can freely be leveled up. With the starting item Fragrant Ring, taking out weaker enemies can be very effective. Therefore, even with Soul Level 1, this class is recommendable for beginners.


The Knight has the lowest Luck stat at 7 and therefore has an extremely wide range to level up. Furthermore, the Knight has a good balance of stats from the start. If you cannot decide what class to choose, the Knight class enables you to make various builds. When aiming for a specialty character, other classes are better suited, but this is a great class for beginners.

Temple Knight

The Temple Knight has one of the lowest starting Luck stats at 7. Unlike the Knight and Royalty, the Temple Knight can be a complete melee build. Whether through skill or just being a muscle-head, anyone can become a powerful faith warrior. This is an excellent class for those wishing to slowly train up a powerful character.


The Priest has extremely low Dexterity. Due to this characteristic, it is easy to build a brawny character or build a faith warrior with high Faith. Of all the classes, Priest is the best suited for a brawny, melee build.


As the name suggests, the Magician is a magic specialist. With low Faith, they are a purely Magic specialist build. For those aiming for a Magic build, this is the most suitable class.


The Soldier has a high Vitality stat. In terms of beginning stats alone, the Barbarian has higher Vitality, but also has no armor, leading to an overwhelming difference in durability. Furthermore, Soldier starts with 2 weapons. The ability to test out 2 different weapons is also an added perk


The Hunter has a bow from the beginning. Aside from that, Hunter class has average stats with somewhat high Luck, but, in terms of a walkthrough, Luck does not have that much meaning. The bow can give an early advantage in long-distance, but a crossbow can be found in-game quite early on. Unless you want to raise the percentage of item discovery, this is not a class you should choose.


The Wanderer has a high beginning Dexterity stat of 15. It is a good class for a Dex build, but unfortunately due to low Magic and Faith, Magic buffs are not very effective.


You may think the Barbarian class is a good choice with its high Vitality and Strength. However, the Barbarian class starts out with no armor. That may be no problem for an experienced player, but no armor will lead to restrictions on how you play. Due to this, we cannot strongly recommend the Barbarian as the starting class.


The Thief stands out with a high Luck stat of 15 from the start. Thief also has fairly high Dexterity, but due to low Strength, he may not be able to use all weapons that are suited to Dex builds. When wanting to create a Dex warrior in the beginning, the Wanderer is better suited with higher Strength and Dexterity. Due to this, we do not strongly recommend choosing Thief as the starting class.

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