Demon's Souls PS5

Which Starting Gift Should You Choose?

Just after you spend hours perfecting your character in the Demon's Souls Remake for PS5, you're forced with another time consuming task: picking your Starting Gift. We'll be listing each Starting Gift and giving our recommendation on which you should begin the game with to get you on your way!

List of Starting Gifts

Augite of Guidance

These small stones can be placed on the ground as a means of communicating with people online. They can also be traded to Sparkly the Crow for White Arrows which may come in handy for Bow users. Fortunately, these can be purchased from the Former Royal's Wife found within the first stage of the Tower of Latria for a low price of 50 souls each.

Grass Jelly, Elixir, and Bright Water

These new items will slowly regenerate your HP, Stamina, and MP respectively. Like the Augite of Guidance, these can be purchased from various merchants across Boletaria, so there's no need to pick them.

Providential Ring

A new ring, this Starting Gift will increase Item Discovery, a stat that governs how often items drop from enemies. Handy!


A small throwing weapon that can be used to inflict a small amount of damage with a chance to poison its target. While useful, these can be purchased from Graverobber Blige in the first and second areas of the Shrine of Storms with no limit.

Fire Bomb

As its name suggests, this small object will burst into flames upon contact, inflicting fire damage to its target. The Dregling Merchant sells these at no limit across the first three areas of Boletarian Palace.

Soul Remains

A thrown item that can be used as a diversionary tactic to distract enemies as they follow where it lands. They can also be traded to Sparkly for White Arrows like the Augite of Guidance. These can be purchased from Graverobber Blige, similar to the Kunai.

Fire Arrow

An arrow that inflicts fire damage on its target. These can be bought in abundance from Graverobber Blige.

Recommended Starting Gift

Choose the Providential Ring

As every item on this list is easily accessible and not in any form of limited supply, we suggest you choose the Providential Ring to increase your Item Discovery early on in the game when not many rings are accessible. It may aid you in getting some more consumables in the first few areas for those who burn through them.

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