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Old Hero Archstone
This is the story walkthrough for 4-3: Old Hero Archstone in the Demon's Souls Remake (DS) for PS5. Keep reading for maps, tips on how to complete this stage, a list of NPCs, and items that can be found!

Archstone of the Shadowmen
4-1: Shrine of Storms 4-2: Adjudicator Archstone 4-3: Old Hero Archstone

4-3: Old Hero Archstone Story Walkthrough


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Walkthrough Chart

Immediately head through the fog.
From here, you can either use a ranged weapon from the house to snipe the Storm Beasts or sprint your way down the graveyard area and pick up the almighty Storm Ruler.
The Storm Ruler's two handed R2 can send a massive shockwave that can hit the Storm Beasts and kill it in one hit.
After killing a number of Storm Beasts, it's now time to fight the actual Storm King.

② Storm Ruler

Storm Ruler
The weapon that can greatly ease your life against the fight against the Storm King. It's R2 is a slow wind up attack that will send a huge shockwave that deals massive damage and can hit aerial units.

Boss: Storm King

Storm King
HP (NG) Dropped Items
1175 Storm Demon Soul
Grab the Storm Ruler then hide in the house!

How to Beat the Storm King

4-3: Old Hero Archstone Tips and Tricks

Use the House as a Safe Haven

Hiding in the house then using a bow or the Storm Ruler's heavy attack can allow you to slowly chip the Storm Beast's numbers and the Storm Ruler's Health. The house's entrance is actually on the rear side.

4-3: Old Hero Archstone Items

Storm Ruler Holy Arrow

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Story Walkthrough

Tutorial The Nexus
Archstone of the Small King
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Archstone of the Shadowmen
4-1: Shrine of Storms 4-2: Adjudicator Archstone 4-3: Old Hero Archstone
Archstone of the Chieftain
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