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The complete boss list for Demon's Souls for the PS5. Check here to see all the bosses, what area they are located in, and their weaknesses!

Boss List

Boletarian Palace

Boss Strategy
Phalanx Use Firebombs to eliminate the Hoplites protecting it
Red Flying Dragon Use the Compound Short Bow and around 100-200 arrows to take it out
Tower Knight Attack the legs from behind to make it fall, and then aim for its head
Penetrator Rescue Biorr before the fight to have him join you
Blue Flying Dragon Attack with items and spells from the safe spot on the right side of the area
Old King Allant Use the Thief's Ring to sneak up and backstab him

Stonefang Tunnel

Boss Strategy
Armor Spider Close in to bait a slam attack and then attack
Flamelurker Weak to magic
Dragon God Wear light armor in order to run quicker and fast roll

Tower of Latria

Boss Strategy
Fool's Idol First defeat the follower located above
Maneater Attack its tail and be careful not to fall
Old Monk Prepare for a PVP battle if playing online

Shrine of Storms

Boss Strategy
Vanguard Dodge behind it or use long-range attacks from a distance
Adjudicator Attack the wound on its lower belly to take it down
Old Hero Equip the Thief's Ring so he cannot see you
Storm King Take it down with Storm Ruler

Valley of Defilement

Boss Strategy
Leechmonger Weak to fire
Dirty Colossus Weak to fire
Maiden Astraea Be careful not to fall

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