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Best Way to Progress the Game

The Demon's Souls Remake allows you to choose your desired path when progressing through the story. This article aims to give those who might be lost and confused a recommended way to begin the game!

Best Way to Progress the Game

Start With Stonefang Tunnel

Once you've slain Phalanx at the end of 1-1, you gain the ability to freely choose your next destination. We recommend taking on 2-1: Stonefang Tunnel as the enemies are on the weaker side and the area isn't too complicated. The enemies drop Sharp and Hardstones fairly frequently which will aid you in strengthening your weapons early on, making this a fairly good starting area. Just remember you aren't locked into any choice of location to explore.

Take On Anything Else Afterwards

Blacksmith Ed calls Stonefang Tunnel his home, opening up a larger variety of weapon upgrade options early on. Some of the other locations have more difficult enemies lying in wait that will be easier to handle once you've gone through some of the easier areas. With that said, once you've finished up the first portion of Stonefang Tunnel, it's safe to go off elsewhere.

2-1: Stonefang Tunnel Story Walkthrough and Map

How to Progress the Early Game

Don't Forget to Upgrade Your Weapons!

Veterans of the Souls series may know that even if you increase your Strength and Dexterity your damage won't always increase. This is because the damage benefits from upgrading your weapons is much higher due to scaling so you need to have both to see results. There are also status inflicting upgrades that are very useful, so the point to take away from here is that if you don't upgrade your weapons you're making things even more difficult. Be sure to give lonely Blacksmith Ed a visit if you find yourself struggling!

How to Upgrade Weapons

When in Doubt Raise Vitality

If you're not sure what you should be investing your souls into when leveling, you can't go wrong with Vitality. Each Vitality point raises your max HP as well as Item Burden among other things, and reaching 30 is a good place for anyone. We would even go as far as to recommend some players put most of their early levels into Vitality for this purpose. Your overall damage won't go up, but you can make up for this by using Dragon upgraded weapons that don't rely on stat scaling to increase damage.

Useful Items to Have

With the ability to go to any area from the getgo, there are a variety of useful items that can be found early on. Depending on your playstyle and skill level, it may be a good idea to pick some of these up before continuing through the game.

While the enemies in the area are a bit on the strong side, we highly recommend getting the Crescent Falchion from the Shrine of Storms. Having this will make going through Stonefang Tunnel much easier with how much damage it does to the enemies.

Recommended Items

Area Item/Description
1-1: Boletarian Palace ・Cling Ring
→Less HP reduction when in soul form
・Thief's Ring
→Become harder for enemies to detect.
2-1: Stonefang Tunnel ・Crushing Battle Axe
→Strength scaling weapon
・Kris Blade
→Increases Magic Power
4-1: Shrine of Storms ・Crescent Falchion
→Magic scaling weapon
・Talisman of God
→Allows the use of Miracles
3-1: Tower of Latria ・Ring of Magical Sharpness
→Increases Magic Power
・Clever Rat's Ring
→Attack power rises when HP is 30% or lower.
5-1: Valley of Defilement ・Talisman of God
・Blessed Mace
→Faith scaling weapon

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