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How to Beat the Flamelurker


This is a guide on how you can beat the Flamelurker boss in the Demon's Souls Remake for the Playstation 5. Read on to learn strategies, drops, and stats about the Flamelurker.

Flamelurker Stats

Basic Info

Stonefang Tunnel
Souls Drops Weakness
22500 Searing Demon Soul Magic


HP 3720 Normal Def 160
Slash Def 200 Blunt Def 160
Pierce Def 200 Magic Def 23
Fire Def 857 Poison Res Strong
Plague Res Strong Bleed Res Strong

How to Beat the Flamelurker

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Battle Overview
checkmarkLong Distance Weapons Are Recommended

checkmarkRoll Backwards When Dodging

checkmarkFor the First 50% of Its Health, Attack After the Explosion!

checkmarkFor the Last 50% of Its Health, Attack After Dodging Its Jump!

checkmarkIncrease Flame Resistance

Long Distance Weapons Are Recommended

Flamelurker - Long Distance Weapons

Since the Flamelurker attacks aggressively, using a bow or any Catalyst weapons can make the fight easier due to their long distance reach.

Roll Backwards When Dodging

Flamelurker - Roll Backwards

When dodging Flamelurker's attacks, roll behind you. Flamelurker's attack hit box stays out a while, and rolling to the side will result in you getting hit.

For the First 50% of Its Health, Attack After the Explosion!

For the first 50% of its health, attack during the opening after it explodes. However, if you do not attack from the front, its flames can slowly chip away at your HP.

For the Last 50% of Its Health, Attack After Dodging Its Jump!

For attacks after it has reached less than 50% health, attack during the opening after its jump attack. If you roll forward when it jumps, you will be right behind the Flamelurker when it lands.

Increase Flame Resistance

If you are taking many hits and dying, try increasing your fire resistance by equipping a ring or using the spell Water Veil.

Flamelurker Cheese Strategy

Poison Cloud

The Flamelurker's aggro can be removed by using the thief's ring and hiding in the opposite sides of the walls in the area you fight the Flamelurker. Your primary goal is to remove the Flamelurker's aggro while slowly making yourway behind him. Once successful, use Poison Cloud and watch the Flamelurker die.

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