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Can You Change Your Appearance?

This guide will show you how to change your character's appearance in Demon's Souls Remake. Read on to learn more where you can change your appearance, as well as how much it would cost.

How to Change Character's Appearance

Offer Souls to the Goddess Statue

Goddess Statue.jpg

With the remake, you can now change your character's apperance, but it comes with a price. Interacting with the Goddess Statue in the Nexus will give you the option to make an offering of 25,000 souls. Doing so will allow you to change your character's appearance for free immediately after and for 18,000 souls each consecutive time. Keep in mind that the only things that can be changed are your physical appearance and character name, not gender, class, or starting gift.

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Wrong info, you can change your gender. It's under foundation.


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