Demon's Souls PS5

All Spell and Miracle Locations

Looking for a specific Spell or Miracle in the Demon's Souls Remake for PS5? Check the list below to see which NPC offers it and how to purchase it!

All Spell Locations

Magic NPC Cost
Soul Arrow Freke's Apprentice, Sage Freke 1000 Souls
Flame Toss Freke's Apprentice, Sage Freke 1000 Souls
Protection Freke's Apprentice, Sage Freke 5000 Souls
Enchant Weapon Freke's Apprentice, Sage Freke 5000 Souls
Demon's Prank Freke's Apprentice, Sage Freke 500 Souls
Water Veil Freke's Apprentice, Sage Freke 500 Souls
Cloak Freke's Apprentice, Sage Freke 500 Souls
Warding Sage Freke Iron Demon Soul
Soul Ray Sage Freke Doll Demon Soul
Homing Soul Arrow Sage Freke Golden Demon Soul
Fire Spray Sage Freke Hard Demon Soul
Fireball Sage Freke Dragon Demon Soul
Light Weapon Sage Freke Silver Demon Soul
Acid Cloud Sage Freke Eroded Demon Soul
Poison Cloud Sage Freke Writhing Demon Soul
Death Cloud Sage Freke Pureblood Demon Soul
Firestorm Yuria, the Witch Dragon Demon Soul
Ignite Yuria, the Witch Hard Demon Soul
Curse Weapon Yuria, the Witch Silver Demon Soul
Soul Thirst Yuria, the Witch Golden Demon Soul
Relief Yuria, the Witch Pureblood Demon Soul
Soulsucker Yuria, the Witch Maiden In Black Demon Soul

All Miracle Locations

Magic NPC Cost
Heal Disciple of God, Saint Urbain 5000 Souls
Antidote Disciple of God, Saint Urbain 3000 Souls
Evacuate Disciple of God, Saint Urbain 20,000 Souls
Hidden Soul Disciple of God, Saint Urbain 3,000 Souls
Recovery Saint Urbain 3 Colourless Demon Souls
God's Wrath Saint Urbain Dragon Demon Soul
Banish Saint Urbain Golden Demon Soul
Regeneration Saint Urbain Swollen Demon Soul
Second Chance Saint Urbain Hero Demon Soul
Anti-Magic Field Saint Urbain Storm Demon Soul
Cure Saint Urbain Writhing Demon Soul
Resurrection Saint Urbain Pureblood Demon Soul

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