Pure Magic Build and Best Weapons | Demon's Souls PS5

This is the guide to the Pure Magic build for Demon's Souls for the PS5. Check here to find out what kind out of build Pure Magic is, the stat alignment for the build, and our recommended weapons!

What is the Pure Magic Build?

A magic specialist

A pure Magic-user that specializes in using spells to attack. Also, the Intelligence stat will be very important for this build. Vitality and Endurance stats can be left up to the player.

Pure Magic Build Stats

Stat Alignment wtih Magician (SL87)

Stat Level Important Points
Vitality 30 ・Increase your Vitality until 30
・Based on your skill, doing less than 30 is also possible
Intelligence 40 ・6 spell slots
・Based on your MP, this stat can be adjusted
Endurance 10 ・Will generally not be necessary
Strength 9 ・Not needed
Dexterity 11 ・Not needed
Magic 50 ・All remaining points will be put into Magic
Faith 6 ・If planning to use the miracle Second Chance, increase to 16
Luck 11 ・Not needed

Pure magic power

The Pure Magic build focuses solely on Magic. Do not put any points into the uncessary Faith stat. Furthermore, if increasing Vitality seems like a waste in the beginning, you can begin adding points to Magic to increase attack power instead.

Using the Pure Magic Build

Avoid enemies attacks

The Pure Magic build is very fragile in nature. Therefore, it is critical to avoid enemy attacks. Ideally, this build will not use a shield, so dodging is the only option. When fighting, create some distance and aim to not get hit by attacks.

Recommended Weapons for the Pured Magic Build

Insanity Catalyst

Using it will half your MP, but if you are aiming for high attack damage the Insanity Catalyst in an option.

Use equipment to raise Magic power

The Pure Magic build is a glass cannon, but its attack can be improved even further with the Kris Blade and the Yellow Monk's Collar. Kris Blade is particularly important for beating the game.

List of equipment to incease Magic power

Kris Blade Yellow Monk's Collar
Ring of Magical Nature ※Morion Blade
※Clever Rat's Ring -

※It does not direclty increase the power of Magic, but rather ups all attacks when HP is 30% or less

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