Demon's Souls PS5

Best Way to Use Demon Souls

Just beat a boss but not sure how to use their unique soul in the Demon's Souls Remake for PS5? Keep reading to find out the best uses for each soul so they don't go to waste!

What is a Demon Soul

Obtained by Defeating Bosses

Like the game's title suggests, Demon Souls are important in your struggle against the Old One. Every time you defeat a boss you will receive their unique Demon Soul which can then be used for a few things.

Best Way to Use Demon Souls

Use for Souls

Demon Souls can be used just like other soul items you find in the game for a large amount of souls. This isn't the only way to use them, however, so using them recklessly isn't recommended if you don't want to potentially lock yourself out of other uses.

Exchange for Weapons, Spells, or Miracles

Outside of the Searing Demon Soul, each soul can be exchanged with an NPC to obtain Weapons, Spells, or Miracles. With Spells and Miracles you can simply hand over the required soul to an NPC but for weapon upgrades you will first have to give Blacksmith Ed the Searing Demon Soul.

How to Use Each Major Demon Soul

Boss Soul Uses

Boss/Soul Weapon Miracle/Spell
Dozer Axe -
Scraping Spear -
Tower Knight
- Warding (Freke)
- Light Weapon (Freke)
Curse Weapon (Yuria)
Old King Allant
False King
Northern Regalia -
Armor Spider
Lava Bow Fire Spray (Freke)
Ignite (Yuria)
- -
Dragon God
- God's Wrath (Urbain)
Fireball (Freke)
Firestorm (Yuria)
Fool's Idol
- Soul Ray (Freke)
Needle of Eternal Agony -
Old Monk
Insanity Catalyst Banish (Urbain)
Homing Soul Arrow
Soul Thirst (Yuria)
Meat Cleaver Regeneration (Urbain)
Old Hero
Large Sword of Searching Second Chance (Urbain)
Storm King
Morion Blade Anti-Magic Field (Urbain)
- Cure (Urbain)
Poison Cloud (Freke)
Dirty Colossus
- Acid Cloud (Urbain)
Maiden Astraea
Blueblood Sword Resurrection (Urbain)
Death Cloud (Freke)
Relief (Yuria)

A Lot of Great Weapons and Magic

Each of the weapons or magics you can learn can be incredibly strong or useful. While you won't need all of them unless you're going for trophies, things like Second Chance, the Morion Blade, the Insanity Catalyst, and Light Weapon among others are great to have. Because of this it's is not recommended that you use these to increase your soul count.

How to Use Each Special Demon Soul

Soul Use How to Get
Small Flame Scale 10,000 Souls Defeat the Red Dragon in 1-2
Large Flame Scale 30,000 Souls Defeat the Blue Dragon in 1-4
Maiden in Black Spell: Soulsucker (Yuria) Ending
Soul of the Old One 200,000 Souls Ending
Colourless Demon Soul x3 Upgrade Unique Weapons
Miracle: Recovery (Urbain)
Primeval Demon
Sparkly the Crow

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1 Anonymousover 2 years

Is was after I seen this page that I used flamelurkers soul to upgrade. Once used I found out that you need his soul to give to Ed, so that you can get special upgrades for a special weapon that so happened to be using. So moral of the story is the searing demon soul has an extremely valuable use and it should show that instead of being blank. At the end of the day….. fuck you


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