Demon's Souls PS5

How to Beat the Old Hero

Old Hero

This is a guide on how you can beat the Old Hero boss in the Demon's Souls Remake for the Playstation 5. Read on to learn strategies, drops, and stats about the Old Hero.

Old Hero Stats

Basic Info

Shrine of Storms
Souls Drops Weakness
33750 Hero Demon Soul None


HP 4410 Normal Def 156
Slash Def 156 Blunt Def 156
Pierce Def 156 Magic Def 144
Fire Def 123 Poison Res Strong
Plague Res Immune Bleed Res Immune

How to Beat the Old Hero

Boss Guide Video Walkthrough

Battle Overview
checkmarkEquip the Thief's Ring

checkmarkAttack Him From Behind

checkmarkBe Careful When You're Distanced From Him

checkmarkRun Away When He Raises His Sword

checkmarkDon't Be Aggresive

checkmarkWhen Fighting Ranged, Hide at the Altar

Equip the Thief's Ring

Due to the Old Hero being blind, equipping the Thief's Ring will make you difficult to detect. Even without the Thief's Ring equipped, making some distance and remaining still will make it impossible for him to detect you. However, it is still much safer to equip the Thief's Ring for the fight.

Attack Him From Behind

It is recommended to attack the Old Hero from behind. His sword swings will not hit you for as long as you remain behind him. And given his large size, you can easily steer clear of his attacks as well by keeping your position.

Be Careful When You're Distanced From Him

The Old Hero will sometimes step back and distance from the player to make a devastating attack against you. If he does this, avoid his line of sight immediately by rolling.

Run Away When He Raises His Sword

When the Old Hero grips his blade with both hands he will smash it into the ground, damaging anything under it and nearby with the shockwave it disperses. This is a good chance to go get a few hits in as he recovers.

Don't Be Aggresive

The Old Hero's attack power is extremely high. Also, the range of his attacks is very large and wide, so don't be aggresive with attacking. The safest strategy is to use hit-and-run tactics for this fight.

When Fighting Ranged, Hide at the Altar

The Old Hero will keep on roaming the hallway but he'll never reach the altar where a corpse was laid on. When the Old Hero is far away, you can land a free ranged spell or attack on him.

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