Demon's Souls PS5

Infinite Luck Gold Coin Glitch

Check here for information about the infinite Luck Gold Coin glitch in Demon's Souls for the PS5. Learn how to activate the glitch and what it does.

What is the Gold Coin Glitch?

In the Demon's Souls remake for the PS5, a new consumable item called the Gold Coin has been added. This item boosts Luck for a period of time. If this item is used right before talking to the Maiden in Black, it will cause your Luck stat to continiously increase at an extremely fast rate while the effect lasts. It can also be stacked with repeated uses of Gold Coins.

Using the Gold Coin Glitch Video Guide

How to Obtain Gold Coins

Gold Coins are a very rare item drop from the Fat Official enemies. If you have yet to find one, farm the Officials until they drop it. They are tough enemies, but they can be taken down with a few well-placed backstabs.

Uses of this Glitch

As you can see in the video above, the Blueblood Sword is a weapon that deals physical and Magic damage, but only scales with Luck. Once you obtain this weapon, use the Cold Coin trick to boost this weapon's attack to insane levels. Basically, after using this glitch, you will be unable to level up further, but you will be able to one-shot most enemies in the game.

Blueblood Build and Recommended Weapons

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1 SirWilliamNorrisover 3 years

1.Make sure to save your game save on the cloud and on the PS5 system. 2.Uninstall the complete game! (Must) 3.DISCONNECT Internet. 4.Put Demons Souls into system and let it reinstall. DO NOT connect to internet yet. 5.Once the games reinstalled, you can do all the hacks and glitchs in the game. Because the version is back to 1.000 and not 1.004. 6.Your game saves will still work. 7.Once your done getting what you want done. You can update game again and enjoy Online. Posted


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