Demon's Souls PS5

What Carries Over in New Game Plus?

This is an article that lists elements that can and cannot be carried over for each cycle of New Game Plus in the Demon's Souls Remake for PS5. Read on to learn more what part of your character progress can be carried over.

List of Elements That Can and Can't Be Carried Over

Elements That Can Be Carried Over

Check markSoul Level and Souls
Check markAcquired Items
Check markWorld and Character Tendency Progress
Check markLearned Spells
Check markLearned Miracles

Elements That Can't Be Carried Over

Check markEvent Items (Keys, Etc)
Check markArea Completion
Check markNPC Status*

*For example if you angered an NPC or killed them

Changes in New Game Plus

Enemies Are Stronger

Each time you start a new cycle of New Game Plus, all enemies will get a boost in stats to make them stronger and more challenging. Their overall behavior and movement, however, remains the same.

Increase in the Amount of Souls Earned

Not only will enemies become stronger, but the amount of souls you receive for slaying them will also increase. When aiming to max out your stats, it is possible to collect souls more efficiently by repeatedly completing the game rather than farm early on.

Things You Should Do Before Moving to New Game Plus

Use Up Your Souls

For more experienced players this may not be as much of an issue, but once you enter New Game Plus the enemies will become much stronger than before, even at higher soul levels. If you're not careful, you could even struggle in the first area of Boletarian Palace. After picking up Soulbrandt inside the Old One, you can safely return to the Nexus using Evacuate or an Archstone Shard, though you won't be able to level up. What you can do is spend the leftover souls from the last two boss fights on items and weapon upgrades to be more adequately prepared for your move into higher difficulty zones.

Learn Second Chance

Second Chance is a Miracle that will be a lifesaver when first going through New Game Plus, which hasn't changed at all in the remake. There are no downsides to it and you can instantly reapply it after it activates. For a more stress free playthrough consider putting some levels into Faith and Intelligence to be able to use this Miracle.

Second Chance Effects and How to Get

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