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Penetrating Sword Upgrades and How to Get

This is the page for the Penetrating Sword weapon in the Demon's Souls Remake for PS5. Read on for this weapon's stats, upgrade information, and where to get it!

Penetrating Sword Stats and How to Get

Penetrating Sword Stats

Penetrating Sword Icon

Type Attack Type Phy Atk Mag Atk Fire Atk
Straight Sword Normal, Pierce 90 0 0
Str Bonus Dex Bonus Magic Bonus Faith Bonus
E C - -
Required Stats Durability
Str: 22 Dex: 16 Mag: 0 Faith: 0 240
Weight Repair Cost Blacksmith
6 2200 Searing Demon’s Soul

Only Normal and Quality upgrades are available in the Nexus

Penetrating Sword Status Effects

Bleed Poison Plague Crit
- - - -

Penetrating Sword Damage Reduction

Reduction % Guard Break
Phys (50) Mag (10) 35

How to Get Penetrating Sword

How to Get
Enemy: Metas, Knight of the Lance
Area: 1-3

Penetrating Sword Analysis

Long Reach But Difficult To Wield

Unlike most Straight Swords, it has a great reach and a decent Str Bonus. However, it also has a high Str requirement so it isn't the easiest to use right away.

Penetrating Sword Upgrade Stats and Materials

Penetrating Sword Upgrade Stats

Level Phys Str Dex Magic Faith Bonus
+1 90 E B - - -
+2 90 E B - - -
+3 90 E A - - -
+4 90 E A - - -
+5 90 E A - - -

Penetrating Sword Upgrade Materials

Level Upgrade Material (Shard/Large/Chunk/Pure) Upgrade Cost
1 Colorless Demon’s Soul 1380
2 Colorless Demon’s Soul 1380
3 Colorless Demon’s Soul 1380
4 Colorless Demon’s Soul 1380
5 Colorless Demon’s Soul 1380

Penetrating Sword Recommended Upgrade Path

Penetrating Sword Recommended Upgrade

Coming soon!

Penetrating Sword Upgrade Stats

Phys Mag Fire Str Dex Mag Faith
Penetrating Sword 90 0 0 E A - -

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