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What is Equipment Burden? | Equipment Weight and Item Weight

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This is a guide about the Equipment Burden in Demon's Souls Remake (DS) for PS5.Read further to know about equipment weight, item weight, what is the all about equipment burden in general.

What is Equipment Burden?

The Total Weight of all Equipped Weapons and Armor

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Equipment Burden is the total weight of your equipment. Each armor piece and weapon has its own weight.

Item Weight Is A Different Mechanic From Equipment Burden

Even non-equipped items have their weight which is added to your character's current load. However, their weight is instead, added to your item burden. Item burden will not slow you down but exceeding your Item Burden limit will prevent you from picking up items. We highly suggest getting the Ring of Herculean Strength and bringing it with you at all times so you can equip it, pick the item you want to get and return to the nexus to unload your inventory.

What is the Effect of Equipment Burden?

High Burden Slows Down Movement

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The heavier your load, the slower your character moves. You'll see a percentage to the right of the Equip Burden on the menu. Once it reaches 50% or higher, your movement will slow down. Your equipment load will play a vital role in character building so make sure to pay attention to the weapons and armor's weight.

Alternatively, Lowering Weight Speeds up Character

Lessening your load allows your character to sprint and roll faster. Going for a naked build is a highly recommended strategy in some specific areas and even for speedrunners.

How to Raise Equip Burden Limit

Increase Your Vitality

Vitality is a vital (pun intended) stat in Demon's Souls. Its primary effect is raising your character's durability but increasing it can also increase your character's equipment load. Do not neglect Vitality if you want to equip armor with high weight requirements!

What Does Vitality Do?

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