Demon's Souls PS5

List of Items

This is a list of the items found in the Demon's Souls Remake (DS) for PS5. Check below for more detailed information on each category of item!

List of Items

Consumable Items

Cracked Stone Eye Ceramic Coin Gold Coin
Phosphorescent Grains Bright Water Elixir
Grass Jelly Bearbug Grains Crescent Moon Grass
Half Moon Grass Late Moon Grass Full Moon Grass
New Moon Grass Fresh Spice Aged Spice
Noble's Lotus Widow's Lotus Dark Moon Grass
Ed's Sharpening Stone Throwing Knife Kunai
Firebomb Soul Remains Pine Resin
Black Pine Resin Sticky White Slime Archstone Shard
Stone of Ephemeral Eyes Augite of Guidance Soldier's Lotus
Secret Throwing Dagger Unknown Soldier Soul Unknown Hero Soul
Renowned Soldier Soul Renowned Hero Soul Storied Soldier Soul
Storied Hero Soul Legendary Soldier Soul Legendary Hero Soul

Reusable Items

Brass Telescope Nexial Binding Black Eye Stone
Red Eye Stone Blue Eye Stone White Eye Stone

Special Items

Augite of Souls Vinland Crest Jade Hair Ornament


Iron Key Ring Copper Key Prison of Hope, 1F Key
Prison of Hope, 1F Cell Key Prison of Hope, 2F Key Prison of Hope, 2F W. Cell Key
Prison of Hope, 3F Key Prison of Hope, 3F Cell Key Prison of Hope, 4F Key
Prison of Hope, 4F Cell Key Prison of Hope, Warden's Key Prison of Hope, 2F E. Cell Key
Mausoleum Key Bloody Iron Key Prison of Hope, Special Key

Demon Souls

Lead Demon Soul Iron Demon Soul Silver Demon Soul
False King Demon Soul Swollen Demon Soul Hero Demon Soul
Storm Demon Soul Doll Demon Soul Mixed Demon Soul
Golden Demon Soul Writhing Demon Soul Eroded Demon Soul
Pureblood Demon Soul Hard Demon Soul Searing Demon Soul
Dragon Demon Soul Maiden in Black Demon Soul Grey Demon Soul
Small Flame-Scale Demon Soul Large Flame-Scale Demon Soul Colourless Demon Soul
Soul of the Old One


Meltstone Shard Hardstone Shard Large Hardstone Shard
Hardstone Chunk Pure Hardstone Sharpstone Shard
Large Sharpstone Shard Sharpstone Chunk Pure Sharpstone
Clearstone Shard Clearstone Chunk Pure Clearstone
Greystone Shard Greystone Chunk Pure Greystone
Bladestone Shard Bladestone Chunk Pure Bladestone
Spiderstone Shard Spiderstone Chunk Pure Spiderstone
Mercurystone Shard Mercurystone Chunk Pure Mercurystone
Dragonstone Shard Dragonstone Chunk Pure Dragonstone
Suckerstone Shard Suckerstone Chunk Pure Suckerstone
Marrowstone Shard Marrowstone Chunk Pure Marrowstone
Moonlightstone Shard Moonlightstone Chunk Pure Moonlightstone
Moonshadestone Shard Moonshadestone Chunk Pure Moonshadestone
Faintstone Shard Faintstone Chunk Pure Faintstone
Cloudstone Shard Cloudstone Chunk Pure Cloudstone

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