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Knight Starting Class and Best Build

Knight Class
This page covers the Knight starting class for Demon's Souls for the PS5. Read on to learn about the starting stats, items, and gear for this class!

Knight Traits

Luck is the lowest at 7

The Knight class starts with 7 Luck, which is the lowest among the classes. The other stats are well-balanced, and stats like Vitality can be increased as needed.

Good starting equipment

Another trait of the Knight class is having good starting equipment. The class comes with the easy-to-use Long Sword, the Kite Shield, and the Fluted Armor Set with its high defenses. While no one is an exceptional item, they will all come in handy when starting out.

Recommended Builds for Knight

Any build is recommended besides Pure Magic

The Knight class is a well-balanced class that can adapt to any build. However, regarding a purely-magic build, there are more suitable classes to choose from, so it is best to choose another class if you are aiming for a build like Pure Magic. While the Knight has balanced stats, if you do not specialize in one area, your characer will be weak, so be sure to decide what kind of specialization you will do before choosing this class.

Knight Stats and Starting Items

Knight Stats

Vitality.png Intelligence.png Endurance.png Strength.png Dexterity.png Magic.png Faith.png Luck.png Soul Level.png
10 11 11 14 10 10 11 7 4

Icon Key

Vitality.png Vitallity
Intelligence.png Intelligence
Endurance.png Endurance
Strength.png Strength
Dexterity.png Dexterity
Magic.png Magic
Faith.png Faith
Luck.png Luck
Soul Level.png Soul Level

Knight Starting Items

Long Sword, Mail Breaker, Kite Shield
Fluted Armor Set
Crescent Moon Grass (6), Half Moon Grass (4), Royal Lotus (1)

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