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Magician Class and Best Build

Magician Class
This page covers the Magician starting class for Demon's Souls for the PS5. Read on to learn about the starting stats, items, and gear for this class!

Magician Traits

A Magic specialist

As the name suggests, the Magician class starts with the highest Magic stat. With somewhat high Luck and a low Faith stat, some stats can be difficult to utilize, but this is still the best class for a Magic specialist.

Able to use strong long-distance attacks from the start

Another pro of the Magician class is being able to use strong long-distance attacks from the start. When compared to the other class that can use long-range, Royalty, the Magician class does not have the MP-regenerating Fragrant Ring, but it does boast higher damage and is the most suitable class for clearing out enemies up until the Phalanx boss.

Recommended Builds for Magician

Pure Magic

The recommended build for Magician is of course the Pure Magic build. This build will live and die by Magic. Unecessary stats like Vitality, Endurance, Strength, Dexterity, and Faith can be tossed aside as you put everything into Intelligence and Magic.

Pure Magic Build and Recommended Weapons

Magician Stats and Starting Items

Magician Stats

Vitality.png Intelligence.png Endurance.png Strength.png Dexterity.png Magic.png Faith.png Luck.png Soul Level.png
9 15 10 9 11 15 6 11 6

Icon Key

Vitality.png Vitallity
Intelligence.png Intelligence
Endurance.png Endurance
Strength.png Strength
Dexterity.png Dexterity
Magic.png Magic
Faith.png Faith
Luck.png Luck
Soul Level.png Soul Level

Magician Starting Items

Short Sword, Wooden Catalyst, Leather Shield
Wizard's Clothes, Gloves, Shoes
Crescent Moon Grass (6), Fresh Spice (6), Magic: Flame Toss, Water Veil

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