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How to Beat the Storm King

Storm King
This is a guide on how you can beat the Storm King boss in the Demon's Souls Remake for the PlayStation 5. Read on to learn strategies, drops, and stats about the Storm King.

Storm King Stats

Basic Info

Shrine of Storms
Souls Drops Weakness
40400 Storm Demon Soul None


HP 1175 Normal Def 203
Slash Def 203 Blunt Def 203
Pierce Def 203 Magic Def 156
Fire Def 169 Poison Res Strong
Plague Res Strong Bleed Res Strong

How to Beat the Storm King

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Battle Overview
checkmarkEquip the Thief's Ring

checkmarkGrab the Storm Ruler

checkmarkHide Inside the House

checkmarkUse Soul Ray or Soul Arrow to Defeat It

Equip the Thief's Ring and Lower the Frequency of Attacks

When battling the Storm King, first takedown several Baby Stingrays. However, there are a very large amount of Baby Stingrays, and if you are not wearing the Thief's Ring you will attract them and receive attacks from all of them. Be sure to equip the Thief's Ring to lower the number of attacks coming your way.

Grab the Storm Ruler

Storm King - Storm Ruler

When running a melee-based build, it will be impossible to reach the Storm King. Instead, you will need to obtain the weapon Storm Ruler, which is located in the same area. When used in this area, this weapon can fire attacks that can hit flying enemies.

Hide Inside the Broken House

How to Get to the House Attacks Are Blocked

There is a broken house within the area that you can use to protect yourself from the Storm King's attacks. The entrance to it can be easily knocked down.

Take It Down with Magic

When running a magic-based build, you can take down the Storm King without grabbing the Storm Ruler. Slow-moving magic attacks will not him the Storm King, so use Soul Ray or Soul Arrow to defeat it.

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