Demon's Souls PS5

Best Rings to Equip

This is a list of all best rings to use in Demon's Souls (DS) Remake. Read on to see the best rings to use, their effects, and reasons to use them.

Best Rings

Ring Effects and Benefits
Thief's Ring Greatly Reduces enemy detection rate and hastens the rate that the enemy drops aggro.
Cling Ring Reduces health lost while in Soul Form. Great for a solo offline gameplay and makes manipulating world tendency easier.
Eternal Warrior's Ring Speeds up Stamina Regeneration. Incredibly useful ring overall and allows more actions to be performed.
Fragrant Ring Recovers MP overtime. A great ring to have for faith and magic users. It can also be partnered with the Ring of Magical Sharpness for more spell casting madness.
Ring of Avarice Increases souls obtained from enemies by 20%. Can easily be partnered with the Silver Bracelets(female only) for more souls gained.
The Soul Thirst spell is viable to be partnered with the ring too but the spell is too unwieldy due to it's long casting time, high MP cost, and slow casting time.
Ring of Herculean Increases weight burden limit. Always carry this with you to avoid the need to abandon items!
Ring of Magical Sharpness Increases magic damage at the expense of lowered magic defense. Great for spell casters that are fighting against physical-only enemies since the lowered magic defense cannot be exploited by them.
Clever Rat's Ring Increases damage when HP is in critical mode. Great for high-risk plays or when sniping something from afar. Can also be easily triggered by a katana's self damaging effect.

Most Rings Can Be Used in Any Situation

Aside from rings that are more useful for specific builds. Most of the rings mentioned above has their fair advantages when used. Rings are also lightweight so carrying them at all times will not encumber the player too much.

List of All Rings

Ring Effect
Ring of Longevity Increases max HP.
Ring of Uneven Scales Raises item burden, lowers equip burden.
Sodden Ring Grants higher mobility in deep water.
Providential Ring Raises item discovery.
Cat's Ring Decrease damage from falls.
Clever Rat's Ring Attack power rises when HP is 30% or lower.
Cling Ring Lose less HP when in Soul form.
Dull Rat's Ring Defense rises at 30% or lower HP.
Eternal Warrior's Ring Raise Stamina recovery rate
Foe's Ring Raises attack power as a Black Phantom
Fragrant Ring Regenerate MP.
Ally's Ring Raises attack power as a Phantom.
Graverobber's Ring Become harder for Black Phantoms to detect.
Master's Ring Raises direct hit damage, lowers other damage.
Regenerator's Ring Regenerate HP.
Ring of Avarice Obtain more Souls when slaying enemies.
Ring of Devout Prayer Increases miracle memory capacity.
Plague Resistance Ring Raises resistance against plague.
Flame Resistance Ring Raises fire resistance.
Gash Resistance Ring Raises resistance against bleeding.
Ring of Great Strength Raises maximum equip burden.
Ring of Herculean Strength Raises maximum item burden.
Ring of Magical Dullness Lowers magic power, raises magic defense.
Ring of Magical Nature Increases spell memory capacity.
Ring of Magical Sharpness Raises magic power, lowers magic defense.
Poison Resistance Ring Raises poison resistance.
Ring of Sincere Prayer Raises miracle power and casting time.
Ring of the Accursed Become enemies' top attack priority.
Ronin Ring Reduce rate of weapon wear.
Thief Ring Become harder for enemies to detect.

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