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Ring of Great Strength Effects and How to Get

This is the page for the Ring of Great Strength in the Demon's Souls Remake for PS5. Keep reading to find out this ring's effects and how to get it!

Ring of Great Strength Effects and How to Get

Ring of Great Strength


Raises maximum equip burden.

How to Get

How to Get
1-1 (Dragon Roost)
Kill Biorr

In the Area Where the Dragons Rest

Taking the pathway before the bridge that leads to the lever to open the boss door will take you to an open area where the Red and Blue dragons will be resting. After you get to a certain point in the game, however, they will leave the area.

Boletarian Palace

Take the shortcut to your right from the Boletarian Palace Archstone and go up the stairs. At the top, cross the bridge and take another right to the area where the dragons are. If you have Pure White World Tendency or you've already slayed them in later areas, the dragons won't be there to impede your progress, otherwise you'll have to do some careful maneuvering around the Red Dragon's fire.

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