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Archstone of the Tower Queen

This is the walkthrough for the third Archstone in Demon's Souls for PS5, Tower of Latria. Check the links below to find detailed information on each area.

Tower of Latria Basic Information

More of a Challenge

Level Difficulty Boss Difficulty
★★★★ ★★★★

The Tower of Latria is dark and cramped, making it difficult to deal with enemies as they come at you with strong attacks. There are enemies that can poison you or break your equipment as well. The bosses are on the more difficult side as well, with the final boss of the area being a fight against a real player.

3-1: Tower of Latria Walkthrough

Walkthrough Chart

Head out into the corridor to your left and get the key from the wall.
Continue on and into the east wing of the prison.
In the east wing, grab the key on your right.
Return to the Archstone and unlock the door at the end of the corridor, going up to the 4th floor.
At the end take the path outside to the east wing and get the key on your right.
Open the door from the west wing and head to the east, open one more door to return to the 3rd floor.
Continue down the stairs, grabbing the key, and reach the 1st floor.
Pass the area with the Prisoner Horde for a cutscene.
Take the key and return to the area from step ⑦, opening a door leading out.
Go down the stairs and to your right to turn off the ballista.
Keep going to reach the boss room.

3-1: Tower of Latria Story Walkthrough and Map

3-2: Fool's Idol Archstone Walkthrough

Walkthrough Chart

Climb the tower in the middle and head outside.
Continue in deeper to enter another tower.
Go up the stairs and take the elevator up.
Defeating all of the prisoners at the altar will trigger a scene.
Take the path near the altar and continue on.
Enter the cage and go down.
When you reach the swamp area, go up the nearby stairs and take a right going up the cliffside.
Continue along for a bit until you can take a right, following the path.
Pass through the fog and go up the stairs. Be careful of the Black Phantom.
Ride the elevator up and take out more prisoners at the altar for another scene.
Head towards the center tower and pass through the fog at the top for a boss fight.

3-2: Fool's Idol Archstone Story Walkthrough and Map

3-3: Maneater Archstone Walkthrough

Walkthrough Chart

Avoid the enemies and make your way up the spiral staircase to the fog door to face the Old Monk.

3-3: Maneater Archstone Story Walkthrough and Map

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