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Where to Find Ostrava of Boletaria

This guide will show you how to find Ostrava of Boletaria in Demon's Souls Remake. Read on to learn more about his location and how to rescue him.

Ostrava of Boletaria's Locations

You need to rescue Ostrava from enemies at various locations in the Boletarian Palace levels. He can be first found on the first floor of Boletarian Palace, then at the Phalanx Archstone, and finally at the Tower Knight Archstone. After each rescue, Ostrava appears in The Nexus sitting on a beam in the main area.

How to Rescue Ostrava

Note that after rescuing him once in a certain stage, he will still respawn in the same place among the enemies. You need to rescue him every time he spawns in a level or risk getting him killed.

Boletarian Palace

Ostrava - Boletarian Palace

In 1-1, he's surrounded by Dreglings. You can reach him by jumping down from the ledge above. Alternatively, you can clear the area below him and he will jump down to join you. If you save Ostrava here, you get a Brass Telescope as a reward.

Phalanx Archstone

Ostrava is Trapped Staircase

At 1-2, he's trapped at the end of lower hall way, If you search the area where the Hoplites are located, you should be able to locate him. You get Dark Moon Grass as a reward for rescuing him this time.

Tower Knight Archstone

Ostrava - Tower Knight Archstone

At 1-3, he is fighting enemies near the large gate that crushed a Soldier earlier. He is being attacked by two Red Eyes Knights and you need to dispatch them quickly to keep Ostrava from being killed. You receive a Pure Clearstone as a reward.

Ostrava's World Events

Get the Mausoleum Key to Fight Old King Doran

If Ostrava is killed by enemies, you need to loot the Mausoleum Key he drops or it will be gone forever. If he survives long enough to meet you after the Blue Flying Dragon is defeated, he gives you the Mausoleum Key before committing suicide.

The Mausoleum Key is required in order to fight Old King Doran. If you deal enough damage to him, he will reward you with Demonbrandt.

How to Go to Old King Doran
1 Ostrava - Front Gate.jpg
Go to the left side of the front gate.
2 Ostrava - Straight Road.jpg
Climb up and go straight down the road.
3 Ostrava - Inside the Castle.jpg
Go inside the castle on the other side.
4 Ostrava - Big Door.jpg
Enter the big red door.

Black Phantom Ostrava

Ostrava - Black Phantom

On the way to the False King, you will encounter Black Phantom Ostrava. When you kill the character in this form, he drops the Rune Shield and Rune Sword when slain.

Mephistopheles' Assassination List

He is also one of the NPCs Mephistopheles asks you to kill. If you want to kill him to finish the Mephistopheles sidequest, you have to do it before he gets himself killed.

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