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Raichu Locations and How to Get All Stars

This is a guide to Raichu's Photodex entry in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find out how to take one star, two star, three star, and four star photos for Raichu, and how to get a diamond star rating!

Where to Find Raichu

Photodex No. 96
Type 1 Type 2
Pokemon Electric Image Pokemon Psychic Image

Levels Raichu Appears In

Beach (Day) Lv. 2 Beach (Night) Lv. 1
Reef (Evening) Lv. 1 Beach (Day) Lv. 3
Beach (Night) Lv. 2 Reef (Evening) Lv. 2

Photodex Entry for Raichu

1★ Photo Example 2★ Photo Example
1 Star Photo 1★ (Hurry! Hurry!) 2 Star Photo 2★ (On alert)
3★ Photo Example 4★ Photo Example
3 Star Photo 3★ (You don't see this everyday) 4 Star Photo 4★ (Now that's a skill! )

1~4 ★ Photos taken by the Game8 Walkthrough Team

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How to Get All Stars for Raichu

How to Take Raichu 1 Star Photo

Caption Name Hurry! Hurry!

Surge surfer

For the 1 Star photo of Raichu, simply snap a close-up photo of it surfing on its tail! Raichu is surfing in all the levels it appears in, but the final area of Beach (Day) and Beach (Night) are the best places to take the photo, as Raichu surfs closely by the player on those courses. It's also easier to get familiar with Raichu's surfing path in the Beach courses than in Reef (Evening).

How to Take Raichu 2 Star Photo

Caption Name On alert

Alert Raichu with Scan

As Raichu surfs, use the scan to make Raichu momentarily pause and become alerted to the player's presence. Snap a photo of the alert Raichu to earn the 2 Star photo. As with the 1 Star photo, it's better to get up close to Raichu for the photo.

How to Take Raichu 3 Star Photo

Caption Name You don't see this everyday

Sleeping Raichu

Start Beach (Night) at Research Level 2. Proceed through the main path until you can find a sleeping Raichu on a rock.

Hit it with a Fluffruit multiple times until it starts to glow. Hit it with a Fluffruit once again to make the Pokemon flip over. Take a photo of Raichu as it flips over to earn the 3 Star Photo.

How to Take Raichu 4 Star Photo

Caption Name Now that's a skill!


At Reef (Evening), look for the second Raichu surfing near the two Wailords. Use Turbo to get near the Pokemon and take its photo performing a somersault to earn the 4 Star Photo.

It is recommended to use Burst Mode when taking this photo.

Star Meaning and How to Get a High Star Rating

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1 Anonymousover 2 years

The listed method for 3-Star is straight-up wrong here—you have to play a Melody to get Raichu to flip over once it's glowing, not throw another Fluffruit at it. Also, a (potentially easier) alternate 4-Star method is to hit the Raichu at the start of Reef (Evening) with an Illumina Orb and play a Melody for it while the orb's effect is active, which causes it to dance (though you may need to lure it closer with a Fluffruit first to get a high enough Size rating for a diamond rank).


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