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This is Game8s Monster Difficulty Tier List for Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. Read on to see the strongest monsters in the game and avoid encountering monsters way out of your league!

MHW The Most Difficult Monsters to Beat

These monsters are the pinnacle of MHW Iceborne and can be considered the ultimate end-game challenge for all hunters. Besting these monsters can be considered, the ultimate challenge of Monster Hunter World's Iceborne Expansion.

1. Fatalis

Fatalis Fight.jpg
The Fatalis is considered as a Legendary Dragon and is shrouded in mystery even by Elder Dragon standard. The Fatalis is capable of one-shotting even the mightiest hunters and its attacks are so relentless and it leaves hunters with little to no window to even attempt at faring against the Black Dragon.

Fatalis Weakness and Strategy Guide | Fatalis Release Date

2. Arch-Tempered Velkhana


Contrary to popular belief, Alatreon isn't the uncrowned king when it comes to the next most difficult monster in the game. It goes to the empowered version of Hoarfrost's icy Elder Dragon Velkhana. The Arch-Tempered Velkhana's assaults are so relentless and it's damage is so high and can one-shot unprepared hunters. Preparation is key when taking down the Icy Elder Dragon.

Arch-Tempered Velkhana Weakness and Strategy Guide

3. Alatreon

alatreon 1.jpg

The third spot goes to the Last Air B Elder Dragon with control over the Elements, the Alatreon. Alatreon is a gimicky monster and massive amount of research is required to fell the might dragon. He drops materials used to craft the best Dragon Elemental Weapon and it can be a great asset against the Fatalis.

4.Arch-Tempered Namielle


Despite being an Arch-Tempered Monster, the AT Namielle barely takes the 4th spot in terms of difficulty. It's HP pool isn't massive and it's attacks are easy to predict. It's new attacks are deadly though so you'll need some knowledge to dodge these moves, otherwise, it's pretty easy to beat.

5. Raging Brachydios

How to Beat - Raging Brachydios 4.gif

What's deadlier than exploding slimes? Larger exploding slimes. The Raging Brachydios isn't just larger. It has higher damage, larger range, and a new last cry state. When fighting the Raging Brachydios in it's last area, it closes the exits and covers the whole area in slime. It is definitely one of the biggest roadblocks in Iceborne and the quest must be tackled with caution and utmost preparation.

Honorable Mention - Furious Rajang

How to Beat - Furious Rajang 8.png
The Furious Rajang is one of the harder difficulty monsters you'll encounter in Iceborne. While the first 5 monsters are definitely the most difficult ones to beat, the Furious Rajang is a close competition. It's attacks are so relentless and it's hard to flinch due to it's intellect.

Furious Rajang Weakness and Strategy Guide

What's The Most Difficult Monster in Your Opinion?

Disagree with our rankings? Found a monster to be more difficult than the ones mentioned above? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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