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The Ant Hill Walkthrough: All Chest and Collectible Locations

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This is a walkthrough for the Mission The Ant Hill in Marvel's Avengers (game). See all mission objectives, chest and collectible locations, and tips and strategy.

The Ant Hill General Info

Mission Information

Mission The Ant Hill
Type Campaign
Mission Power -
Reward -
Description Kamala and Bruce have discovered the headquarters of the Inhuman Resistance: the Ant Hill, run by Dr. Hank Pym.

The Ant Hill Walkthrough

1 Talk to Sarah Garza
2 Open the chest behind you
3 Talk to Sarah again
4 Purchase gear from Roy-B
5 Talk to Dr. Maddy Cho
6 Select the mission from the War Table

The Ant Hill Enemies

There are no enemies this mission.

The Ant Hill Collectible Locations


Chest Locations
Next to the stairs leading up crop planters
Beside the War Table to the right of the large chamber
Next to the woman practicing telekenisis
Wall behind Hank Pym
Behind the giant mechanical orb in front of Hank Pym


Chest Locations
Table beside Dr. Hank Pym's area

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