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This is a guide to building Thor in the Marvel's Avengers game. Know more about the best attributes, best gear perks, and best early game skills for Thor below!

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Thor Build Overview

Attributes ・Might
Gear Perks ・Mighty Blessing
・Mighty Quake
・Targeted Pym Payload
Early Skills ・Mjolnir Cyclone
・Bring the Thunder
・Divine Chaos
Major Artifacts ・Ring of the Nibelung
・Sacred Norn Stone of Lethal Will

Thor's build will be focused on his Odinforce and Overcharging to get the most out of his abilities. While Overcharged, he will be able to use Odinforce without draining the Intrinsic meter, letting him use it for a longer period. His other abilities will increase in damage and gain added attributes like lightning that deal Shock damage while Odinforce is activated.

Thor Best Attributes

Might Increases melee damage
Precision Increases ranged damage
Valor Increases Heroic effectiveness and critical damage

Might is going to be a must-have as most of your damage is coming from your melee attacks. Precision is not a must-have but will improve the damage of Thor's range attacks. Especially his AOE (area of effect) range abilities.
Valor is handy to have as Thor's abilities have a lot of Shock damage, increasing your chances of critical hits. Having increased critical damage can have your attacks melt enemy health

Gear Stats Explained

Thor Best Gear Perks

Gear Perk Effect
Mighty Blessing % Increased critical hit chance for Power Attacks
Mighty Quake % Increased stun damage from Power Attacks
Targeted Pym Payload % Chance that Ranged Critical Attacks will activate a PYM PAYLOD on the enemy target.

The best Gear Perks to have on Thor are those that add to his critical damage or chance. Those that can increase his Shock damage is also going to be useful especially when you have more

List of All Gear Perks

Thor Early Skills to Level

Primary Skills

1 Divine Chaos
2 Bring the Thunder
3 Hammer Spin
4 Whirling Uru
5 Mjolnir Cyclone

You will want to get Divine Chaos as early as possible as it will allow you to go into Overcharge. Overcharging is one of the most important abilities you will want to build around when playing as Thor. The rest of the Primary Skill upgrades are his best attacks.

Bring the Thunder is great when you are Overcharged while Hammer Spin and its upgrades make it an amazing melee combo to use on vulnerable enemies.

Specialty Skills

Skill Tree Recommended Specializations
Support Heroic Yggdrasil's Blessing
Asgard's Fortune
Assault Heroic Son of the Elder Gods
Rolling Thunder
Ultimate Heroic Jotuneim's Tempest
Asgard's Light

Mastery Skills

Skill Tree Recommended Specializations
Melee Heroic Charge
Combo Damage
Heroic Takedown Mastery
Ranged Impact Explosion
Guard Break
Speed Burst
Intrinsic Ability Force of Will
Takedown Charge
Honed Force
Intrinsic Overcharge Lightning Field
Charged Resistance
Damage Force

Thor Usage Guide

Thor Best Major Artifacts

Ring of Nibelung

This Artifact is powerful with Thor as it can recover your Willpower and charge up both Heroic and Intrinsic meters. It will keep your Warrior's Fury up most of the time, allowing you to stay Overcharged even longer.

Sacred Norn Stone of Lethal Will

This is the base Artifact everyone will have and will always be useful. This will not do anything fancy but will increase your damage output.

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2 Anonymous7 days

Ive been working on my gear and I finally got a couple exotics and they drastically reduce my stats in fact I have rare gear that will boost my stats more than legendary or exotic I had one setup that was amazing I would melt any bad guys but acciddently deleted however I don't have any major artifacts any suggesstions

1 Anonymous11 days

Thanks, for the build! What about the resolve or resilience? I mean should have a little bit deffense or may I wrong :D

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