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This page is about Ms. Marvel's skill Polymorphic Dodge in the Marvel's Avengers game. Read on to learn Polymorphic Dodge's effects and bonuses, how to use Polymorphic Dodge, unlock pre-requisites, and when you should unlock this skill.

Polymorphic Dodge Skill Overview

Basic Info

Polymorphic Dodge
Evasion Ability
Hero: Ms. MarvelMs. Marvel
Specialty Skill
Movement Ability

Polymorphic Dodge Prerequisites

SP Cost -
Requirement -

Effects and How to Use Polymorphic Dodge

Press ○ to dodge an incoming attack. Dodging just before an incoming attack lands will execute a Perfect Dodge.
Quickly press ○ again while Dodging to perform a longer distance Evade.

Polymorphic Dodge Stats and Effects

No additional data.

When Should You Unlock Polymorphic Dodge?

Skill Ranking N/A

Polymorphic Dodge is Unlocked by Default

This skill is unlocked by default, so you do not need to use any SP on it!

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