Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Flametongue Artifact - How to Get and Effect

Flametongue is an Artifact in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn what this Artifact does, how to obtain it, and what bosses drop it as a reward.

Flametongue Effects

Currently UnavailableFlametongue
Strength +2

How to Get the Flametongue Artifact

Dungeon Locations

Dungeon Cycle
Moonlit Desert Treasure Chest
Misty Mount Kilanda Treasure Chest
Oblivion Village Treasure Chest
Falling Leaves Path Treasure Chest
Goblin Wall Cycle 2 & 3
River Belle Path Cycle 2 & 3 & Boss
The Mushroom Forest Cycle 2 & 3 & Boss
The Mine of Cathuriges Cycle 2 & 3
Tida Boss
Moschet Manor Cycle 1 & 2 & Boss
Daemon's Court Boss
Kilanda Cycle 1 & Boss
Conall Curach Cycle 2 & 3 & Boss
Rebena Te Ra Boss
Lynari Desert Boss
Mount Vellenge Cycle 1

Bosses who Drop Flametongue

Boss Dungeon Set
Gigas Lord ImageGigas Lord Moschet Manor 1
Giant Crab ImageGiant Crab River Belle Path 6
Malboro ImageMalboro The Mushroom Forest 2
Armstrong ImageArmstrong Tida 5
Lizardman King ImageLizardman King Daemon's Court 7
Iron Giant ImageIron Giant Kilanda 6
Dragon Zombie ImageDragon Zombie Conall Curach 2
Lich ImageLich Rebena Te Ra 2
Antlion ImageAntlion Lynari Desert 2

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