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Curse Weapon Effects and How to Get

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This is the page for Curse Weapon in the Demon's Souls Remake for PS5. Read on to find out what this magic does, where to get it, and who can teach it to you!

Curse Weapon Effects

Magic Type MP Cost Slots
Spell 100 3
Strengthen & curse right-hand weapon

How to Get Curse Weapon

Purchased From

Yuria, the Witch

Curse Weapon can be obtained from Yuria the Witch. Yuria is not initially found in the Nexus, rather she must be rescued from Boletarian Palace in order to learn Spells from her.

Where to Find Yuria, the Witch

Exchanged For

Silver Demon Soul

The Silver Demon Soul is obtained by slaying the major demon Penetrator. Demon Souls obtained from defeating bosses have other ways to be used as well, so be sure to double check our guide before exchanging them!

Best Way to Use Demon Souls

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List of Magic

Best Magic Spells

Best Miracles

Soul Arrow Flame Toss Protection
Enchant Weapon Demon's Prank Water Veil
Cloak Warding Soul Ray
Homing Soul Arrow Fire Spray Fireball
Light Weapon Acid Cloud Poison Cloud
Death Cloud Firestorm Ignite
Curse Weapon Soul Thirst Relief
Heal Antidote Evacuate
Hidden Soul Recovery God's Wrath
Banish Regeneration Second Chance
Anti-Magic Field Cure Resurrection


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