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Skyward Sword HD Goddess Plume

This is a guide to farming Goddess Plume, a Treasure in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Learn where to get Goddess Plume, its sell price, as well as what you can do with it.

Goddess Plume Basic Information

Goddess Plume
Goddess Plume Set
Material Type Treasure
A wondrous stone said to have been dropped by the goddess herself. Finding one of these items is an extremely rare occurence.

How to Farm Goddess Plumes

Goddess Plume Locations and Sources

Goddess Plumes can be found in certain locations in the Sky and the Surface. See the table below to learn where to find Goddess Plumes.

Material Locations and Sources
Goddess Plume ・Faron Woods
・Eldin Volcano
・Lanaryu Province
・Reward from Clean Cut minigame
・Reward from Thrill Digger minigame
・Reward from Pumpkin Pull minigame

Buy From the Moonlight Merchant for 200 Rupees

Towards the end game, players will have the the option to buy Goddess Plumes for 200 rupees from the Moonlight Merchant in Skyloft Cave. This is a good option for players with a shortage of Goddess Plumes or for those who have a hard time farming for them.

Note: The Moonlight Merchant is only available at night.

What to Do With Goddess Plumes

Sell for Rupees

Goddess Plumes can be sold to Rupin at night for 100 Rupees.

Material Sell Price
Goddess Plume 100

Use It to Upgrade Equipment

Goddess Plumes can be used to upgrade the following equipment.

Item Required Materials
Sacred Bow IconSacred Bow Iron Bow
Tumbleweed x5
Lizard Tail x3
Goddess Plume x1
Evil Crystal x2
Tough Beetle IconTough Beetle Quick Beetle
Goddess Plume x1
Blue Bird Feather x1
Ancient Flower x3
Amber Relic x4
Large Quiver IconLarge Quiver Medium Quiver
Monster Horn x2
Golden Skull x1
Goddess Plume x1
Dusk Relic x3

List of Upgrades

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List of Materials

Deku Hornet Eldin Roller
Gerudo Dragonfly Lanayru Ant
Sand Cicada Sky Stag Beetle Skyloft Mantis
Starry Firefly Volcanic Ladybug Woodland Rhino Beetle
Amber Relic Ancient Flower Bird Feather
Blue Bird Feather Dusk Relic Eldin Ore
Evil Crystal Goddess Plume Golden Skull
Hornet Larvae Jelly Blob Lizard Tail
Monster Claw Monster Horn Ornamental Skull
Tumbleweed - -

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