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Skyward Sword HD Monster Claw

This is a guide to farming Monster Claws, a Treasure in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Learn how to get Monster Claws, the sell price, as well as what you can do with Monster Claws.

Monster Claw Basic Information

Monster Claw
Monster Claw Set
Material Type Treasure
A claw dropped by some kind of flying foe. Take care not to poke yourself with the sharp tip.

How to Farm Monster Claws

Monster Claw Locations and Sources

Monster Claws can be found in certain locations in the Sky and the Surface. See the table below to learn where to find Monster Claws.

Material Locations and Sources
Monster Claw ・Faron Woods
・ Skyview Temple
・Eldin Volcano
・Earth Temple
・Lanayru Desert

Skyview Temple

Upon entering Skyview Temple, go down the spiral staircase and 2 sets of Keese will attack. Clear the Keese out to obtain Monster Claws, then exit and re-enter the temple to let them respawn.
Skyview Temple Walkthrough

Eldin Volcano

There are a lot of Fire Keese in the caves around the Eldin Volcano area. Farming these Keese is a quick way to collect Monster Claws.

Dropped By Enemies

Defeating certain enemies allows you to farm for Monster Claws. See the table below to learn which enemies drop Monster Claws.

Enemy Location
Fire Keese Eldin Volcano
Guay Faron Woods, The Sky
Keese Skyloft, Waterfall Cave, Faron Woods, Skyview Temple, Lanayru Mine, Lanayru Mining Facility
Thunder Keese Skyloft, Waterfall Cave, Faron Woods, Skyview Temple, Lanayru Mine, Lanayru Mining Facility
Walltula Skyview Temple, Faron Woods, Thunderhead

What to Do With Monster Claws

Sell for Rupees

Monster Claws can be sold to Rupin at night for 30 Rupees.

Material Sell Price
Monster Claw 30

Use It to Upgrade Equipment

Monster Claws can be used to upgrade the following equipment.

Item Required Materials
Iron Bow IconIron Bow Bow
Tumbleweed x3
Monster Claw x3
Evil Crystal x1
Eldin Ore x2
Fortified Shield IconFortified Shield Reinforced Shield
Tumbleweed x3
Monster Claw x3
Eldin Ore x3
Blue Bird Feather x1
Reinforced Shield IconReinforced Shield Iron Shield
Ornamental Skull x2
Monster Claw x2
Eldin Ore x2
Braced Shield IconBraced Shield Banded Shield
Tumbleweed x2
Ornamental Skull x1
Monster Claw x2
Amber Relic x3
Banded Shield IconBanded Shield Wooden Shield
Monster Claw x1
Jelly Blob x1
Amber Relic x2
Large Seed Satchel IconLarge Seed Satchel Medium Seed Satchel
Monster Claw x3
Golden Skull x1
Blue Bird Feather x1
Amber Relic x5
Medium Seed Satchel IconMedium Seed Satchel Small Seed Satchel
Ornamental Skull x2
Monster Claw x3
Amber Relic x4

List of Upgrades

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List of Materials

Deku Hornet Eldin Roller
Gerudo Dragonfly Lanayru Ant
Sand Cicada Sky Stag Beetle Skyloft Mantis
Starry Firefly Volcanic Ladybug Woodland Rhino Beetle
Amber Relic Ancient Flower Bird Feather
Blue Bird Feather Dusk Relic Eldin Ore
Evil Crystal Goddess Plume Golden Skull
Hornet Larvae Jelly Blob Lizard Tail
Monster Claw Monster Horn Ornamental Skull
Tumbleweed - -

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