Skyloft Mantis Farming Guide and How to Use | Zelda: Skyward Sword HD (Switch)

Skyward Sword HD Skyloft Mantis Farming Guide
This is a guide to farming Skyloft Mantis, a Bug in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Learn where to get Skyloft Mantis, map location, its sell price, as well as what you can do with it.

Skyloft Mantis Basic Information

Skyloft Mantis
Skyloft Mantis Set
Material Type Bug
A Skyloft insect that's fairly easy to catch. Its powerful forelimbs give a painful pinch.

How to Farm Skyloft Mantises

Skyloft Mantis Locations and Sources

Skyloft Mantises can be found in certain locations in the Sky and the Surface. See the table below to learn where to find Skyloft Mantises.

Material Locations and Sources
Skyloft Mantis ・Skyloft
・Bug Rock
・Reward from Bug Hunt minigame

Obtainable in Skyloft

Players can catch the Skyloft Mantis in Skyloft. Players will need the Bug Net, so make sure to pick that up at Beedle's Shop first. In Waterfall Cave, you can catch Starry Fireflies at any time of day.

Skyloft Mantis Maps

Skyloft Waterfall Cave

These maps contain the potential spawn points for Skyloft Mantis, indicated by a green dot. Note that their appearance on these spawn points are sometimes random.

Obtainable in Bug Heaven

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Bug Heaven
As players progress in the story, Strich will eventually appear on the island in the clouds, Bug Rock. Here, players will unlock the mini game: Bug Heaven. The Skyloft Mantis is One out of Four possible rewards for completing the Bug Beginner level of Bug Heaven within Two minutes.

Completing this mini game gives you Five bugs as a reward so it is highly recommended for players who are collecting bugs to try it out.

Possible Rewards for Bug Beginner Level

Blessed Butterfly Sky Stag Beetle
Deku Hornet Skyloft Mantis

Have Bug Medal in your Inventory

Bug Medal Get
The Bug Medal enables you to see bugs that spawned in your current area on your map. You can obtain the Bug Medal from Beedle's Shop.

How to Get the Bug Medal: Location and How to Use

What to Do With Skyloft Mantises

Sell for Rupees

Skyloft Mantises can be sold to Strich at night for 10 Rupees.

Material Sell Price
Skyloft Mantis 10

Use It to Upgrade Potions

Skyloft Mantises can be used to upgrade the following potions.

Item Required Materials
Air Potion + IconAir Potion + Air Potion
Skyloft Mantis x2
Sky Stag Beetle x2
Lanayru Ant x2
Revitalizing Potion + IconRevitalizing Potion + Revitalizing Potion
Woodland Rhino Beetle x2
Skyloft Mantis x2
Deku Hornet x3

Potion Recipes List and How to Use

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