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Alatreon Counterbuilds and Counter Skills

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This is a guide to countering the Alatreon in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. Read on to learn about Alatreon' Weaknesses, skills that counter it, and recommended setups.

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eveningThe Evening Star
(Fire Active)
deathstarDawn of the Death Star
(Ice Active)
alatreon 1Dawn's Triumph
Easy Version

Alatreon is a unique monster in that it is the last airben capable of switching elements in the middle of the fight. Its attacks will not change much but its elemental weakness does. Elemental damage is a must have against Alatreon to knock him down. This makes knowing the starting elements of Alatreon a necessity.

How to Beat Alatreon

How to Beat Alatreon - 2.png

To conquer the elemental elder dragon, you'll need to learn all about its elemental states and Escaton Judgement. We have full guide on conquering alatreon with the link below!

Alatreon Weakness and Strategy Guide

Strategy Summary

Using elemental weapons that counters Alatreon's starter element is a must (ice for fire and fire for ice). Keep launching elemental attacks to bring down Alatreon then break its horn to weaken the Escaton Judgement!

How to Survive Escaton Judgement

escaton judgement.gif
Escaton Judgement is Alatreon's supermove and also signals his elemental shift from Dragon Element into the opposite element of its previous one (from fire to ice and vice versa). Breaking Alatreon's horn will stop Alatreon from shifting to his next element AND it will also weakn the attack. While the attack whittles your HP, use an Astera Jerky or a Max Potion to counter its damage.

Alatreon Best Counterweapons and Skills

How to Counter Alatreon
checkmark.pngUse Elemental Weapons (fire or Ice)
checkmark.pngAwakaned Kulve Taroth weapons works wonders
checkmark.pngSafi Weapons also works great

Use Elemental Weapons

Using elemental weapons is the key to weakening Escaton Judgement. This is why knowing which element Alatreon starts out with is important. Dealing enough elemental damage to Alatreon will seal its power.

Break Alatreon's Horn

Alatreon Breath - 1.png

The Downside of choosing a starting weapon is the necessity to weaken escaton judgement AND breaking Alatreon's horn. If you fail to do either of the two tasks, the quest is pretty much over (or difficult). If you fail to break Alatreon's horn, it will switch to the same element as your weapon making you practically useless in the remainder of the fight.

Kjarr Weapons

Kjarr weapons from Kulve Taroth is a near necessity against Alatreon. These weapons come with a passive Critical element skill that amplifies your elemental attacks when they critically strike. They also have a high base damage making them still worthwhile against Alatreon's dragon element.

Safi Weapons

Safi Weapons are great too, they have a higher base elemental damage than kjarr weapons making their damage more consistent. They can also work with a True Critical element setup from Silver sol if you fully wish to make an elemental loadout.

Best Builds for Alatreon

Anti Alatreon Loadout

Kjarr Weapon (Change with Your Chosen Weapon/Element)

Kjarr Slicer "King"
 Weapon Image
Rarity Attack Affinity Elem.
12 420 15 Fire 390
Def. Elderseal Slots
20 - ①ーー
Skill Critical Element
Sharpness  Kjarr Slicer "King" sharpness


Armor Decorations
Head Brachydium Helm Beta + Expert Jewel+ 4
Resistor/Expert Jewel 4
Armor Kaiser Mail Beta + Tenderizer/Vitality Jewel 4
Expert Jewel 1 x2
Greaves Kaiser Vambraces Beta + level 4 free slot
level 3 free slot
Waist Kaiser Coil Beta + Brace/Vitality Jewel 4
Resistor Jewel 1 x2
Legs Kulve Taroth's Wrath Beta + Critical/Vitality Jewel 4
Expert Jewel 1 x2
Charm A charm of your weapon's current element. none

Anti Alatreon Loadout

Critical Eye 7 Elemental Damage Skill 6
Blight Resistance 3 Health Boost 3
Critical Boost 3 Weakness Exploit 3
Blast Attack Level 2 Heat Guard
Latent Power 1 Flinch Free

Build Notes

This is a sample loadout with the bare necessities to fight against Alatreon. Several affinity skills are added to take advantage of Kjarr's elemental damage abilties. It lacks Partbreaker which can make breaking Alatreon's Horn difficult but it will not suffer in regards to dealing elemental damage to weaken Escaton Judgement.

Skills Reason it's good
Tool Specialist Maintains a permanent uptime for temporal mantle and another mantle of choice which allows you to keep your DPS to a maximum.
Coalescence Turn Alatreon's blights against him. A free damage buff whenever you heal from blight.
Blight Resistance If you don't wish to keep on healing blights, Maxing out Blight Resistance is a great choice.
Elemental Up using an elemental skill that boosts your damage is a near necessity against Alatreon.
Partbreaker Breaking Alatreon's Horn is a key objective in the fight and when it comes to breaking monster parts, Partbreaker must always be in play.

Best Items To Bring Against Alatreon

Skills Reason it's good
Astera Jerky One of the key items against Alatreon, Astera Jerky can be used to survive Escaton Judgement's damage by eating it in the middle of Escaton Judgement's damage ticks.
Nulberries Can immediately cure a blight that Alatreon inflicts. Gets higher value if Coalescence is equipped.
Flashpod Flashpod can stun Alatreon when its flying and not enraged.
Dust of Life Allows you to heal other hunters or use it for a quick healing.
Whetfish Fin+ An easy way to quickly sharpen your weapon without investing in Speed Sharpening skills
Smokebomb Use this when Alatreon is targeting you to cause it to land on the ground and search for you.

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