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Welcome to Game8's Dead Space Remake (2023) Wiki Guide and Walkthrough! Relive the story of Isaac Clarke as he explores the ruins of the USG Ishimura in this horror shooter, originally released in 2008! Quest walkthroughs, weapons, suits, tips, and tricks can all be found here!

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Dead Space Remake Site Map

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Dead Space Remake - News and Game InfoNews and Game Info Dead Space Remake - Main WalkthroughMain Walkthrough
Dead Space Remake - Tips and Tricks Partial Banner.pngTips and Tricks Dead Space Remake - Weapons Partial Banner.pngWeapons
Dead Space Remake - Suit and Suit TexturesAll Suits and Suit Textures Dead Space Remake (2023) - LIST OF SCHEMATICSList of All Schematics
Dead Space Remake - ItemsList of All Items Dead Space Remake - CharactersList of All Characters
Necromorphs Partial Banner.pngList of All Necromorphs Dead Space Remake - CollectiblesAll Collectible Locations

Dead Space Remake Walkthrough

Sample Partial Banner.png

Full Story Walkthrough: All Chapters

Main Missions

Chapter Summary
New Arrivals
(Chapter 1)
Engineer Isaac Clarke and his team of fellow CEC workers are sent to repair the USG Ishimura. However, things go awry when the Ishimura's docking tether fails, forcing the team to crash-land into the ship and figure out what happened to its inhabitants.
Intensive Care
(Chapter 2)
After their only way off the Ishimura explodes, Isaac is tasked to find the body of Captain Mathius and obtain his RIG to gain access to the Command computer. As he goes through the ship, he learns more about the necromorphs and the horrors that occurred on the Ishimura.
Course Correction
(Chapter 3)
With the USG Ishimura's engines offline and its orbit decaying, Isaac needs to navigate the Engineering deck and fix the problem before he and his team can make their way back home.
Obliteration Imminent
(Chapter 4)
Another complication arises as the ship's malfunctioning ADS system makes it vulnerable to debris. While Isaac goes about repairing the system, tensions arise between coworkers Kendra and Hammond due to the existence of the Marker on the ship.
Lethal Devotion
(Chapter 5)
After fixing the ADS, the trio faces a new problem: something seems to be contaminating the ship's Hydroponics air production. As Isaac navigates through Medical to make a poison to deal with the problem, the team finds out that they're not the only people left on the ship.
Environmental Hazard
(Chapter 6)
As Isaac heads to Hydroponics, he finds Hammond, who mentions that infected crewmates are poisoning the remaining air in the sector. Isaac has to find and kill these infected bodies before he can face the Leviathan inside Food Storage.
Into the Void
(Chapter 7)
After defeating the Leviathan, Kendra thinks of a plan to get off the ship. Isaac needs to go to the Mining Deck to grab an SOS Beacon and plant it on an asteroid before sending it out for a clean broadcast.
Search and Rescue
(Chapter 8)
The USM Valor, a nearby vessel, managed to receive the SOS Beacon's distress signal. However, Isaac has to reach and fix the Ishimura's Comms Array to initiate contact and hopefully evacuate to the military ship.
Dead on Arrival
(Chapter 9)
With the USM Valor being overrun with necromorphs and ramming into the Ishimura, Isaac has to enter the crashed ship to find a Singularity Core that he and his team can use to fix an escape shuttle.
End of Days
(Chapter 10)
After getting the Singularity Core, Isaac heads to the Crew Deck to repair the shuttle. As he navigates through the sector, Isaac learns more about the Church of Unitology and meets Dr. Kyne, who has a plan regarding the Marker.
Alternate Solutions
(Chapter 11)
With the shuttle repaired and functioning, Isaac heads toward the Cargo Bay to help Dr. Kyne load the Marker inside. However, things don't go as planned after Kendra reveals who she really is.
Dead Space
(Chapter 12)
Isaac flies the shuttle to Aegis VII with the Marker in tow. He has to fight through the colony's infected inhabitants to return the Marker to its Pedestal Site and hopefully end the necromorph threat for good.

Side Missions

Dead Space Remake - List of Side Missions Partial.png

Side Mission Details & How to Unlock
Dead Space Remake - Scientific MethodsScientific Methods Learn the experiences of Senior Medical Officer Nicole Brennan as the infection spreads throughout the Ishimura.
Acquire Nicole's Audio Log in her office in the Medical Deck.
Dead Space Remake - You Are Not AuthorizedYou Are Not Authorized Create a master security override from the RIGs of the crew members of the Ishimura to gain access to all sealed areas, and whatever supplies are left.
Interact with Bridge Security in the Captain's Nest
Dead Space Remake - Premeditated MalpracticesPremeditated Malpractice Learn the origins of Dr. Mercer's creation, The Hunter Necromorph.
Pick up the Tissue Sample left behind after defeating the Hunter in Cryogenics.

List of Side Missions and How to Unlock

Dead Space Remake Tips and Tricks

Dead Space Remake - Tips and Tricks

Dead Space Remake Tips and Tricks

Beginner's Guide

Dead Space Remake Tips and Tricks
How to Reload How to Route Power
How to Save How to Save Ammo
All Difficulty Settings Impossible Mode Rewards and Changes
Enemy Weak Spots How to Heal and Recover HP
How to Use Kinesis How to Use Stasis
All Missable Content How to Force Enemies into Gravity Panels
Best Settings for PC Best Settings for Consoles
Best Quality-of-Life Settings List of All Unlockables
Scan RIG to Unlock Workstation Platinum Guide: How to Get 100% Completion
List of All Collectibles Can You Respec?
Full Interactive Map

Story Puzzle Solutions

Dead Space Remake Puzzle Solutions
How to Activate and Get Past the Centrifuge How to Fix the Comms Array

Gameplay Tricks

Dead Space Remake Gameplay Tips
Where to Find the Peng Treasure All Schematic Locations
What to Buy in the Store What to Sell in the Store
How to Farm Credits and Get Money Fast How to Get More Ammo
Upgrade Priority Guide Best Weapons: All Weapon Tier List
All Security Clearance Locks and Rewards Circuit Breaker Locations
How to Increase Security Clearance All Master Override Door Locations and Rewards
All Marker Fragment Locations All Secrets and Easter Eggs

Trophy Guides

Dead Space Remake Trophy Guides
All Trophies and Achievements How to Rip Off Limbs with Kinesis
How to Stomp Enemies How to Play Zero-G Basketball
How to Survive the Shooting Gallery How to Pin Enemies

Dead Space Remake Weapons

Dead Space Remake - Weapons

List of All Weapons

All Weapons

Dead Space Remake Weapons
Plasma CutterPlasma Cutter Dead Space Remake - Line GunLine Gun Dead Space Remake - Pulse RiflePulse Rifle
Dead Space Remake - RipperRipper Dead Space Remake - Force GunForce Gun Dead Space Remake - Contact BeamContact Beam
Dead Space Remake - FlamethrowerFlamethrower Dead Space Remake - Kinesis ModuleKinesis Module Dead Space Remake - Stasis ModuleStasis Module
Dead Space Remake - Hand CannonHand Cannon

Dead Space Remake Schematics

Dead Space Remake (2023) - LIST OF SCHEMATICS partial

List of All Schematics

List of All Schematics

DSR - #{titleLevel 6 EDF RIG DSR - #{titleSuit Level 5 DSR - #{titlePulse Rounds
DSR - #{titleStasis Pack DSR - #{titleFlamethrower Fuel DSR - #{titleMedium Med Pack
DSR - #{titleRipper Blades DSR - #{titleSuit Level 3 DSR - #{titleLine Racks
DSR - #{titleForce Energy DSR - #{titleContact Energy DSR - #{titleSuit Level 4
DSR - #{titleOxygen Tank DSR - #{titleLarge Med Pack

Dead Space Remake Necromorphs

Necromorphs Partial Banner

List of All Necromorphs

All Necromorphs

Normal Necromorphs
Divider Exploder Guardian
Infector Leaper Lurker
Pods Pregnants Slasher
Swarmers Twitcher Wheezer
Special Necromorphs
Brute Tentacle Hunter
Leviathan Leviathan Remnant
(The Slug)
Hive Mind
Necromorph Types
Phantom Necromorphs

Dead Space Remake Suits

Dead Space Remake - Suit and Suit Textures

List of All Suits and Suit Textures

All Suits and Suit Textures

Dead Space Remake Suits
Level 1 Suit Level 2 Suit
Level 3 Suit Level 4 Suit
Level 5 Suit Level 6 Suit
Suit Skins
DS-08 Legacy RIG (Classic) Venture Suit
Lone Survivor Suit Infested Suit
Suit Textures
Bloody Sanctified
Anodized Burnished

Dead Space Remake Items

Dead Space Remake - Items

Store Guide: List of All Items

All Items

Recovery Items
Small Med Pack Medium Med Pack Large Med Pack
Small Air Can Medium Air Can Stasis Pack
Oxygen Tank - -
Weapon Ammo
Plasma Energy Pulse Rounds
Flamethrower Fuel Line Racks
Ripper Blades Force Energy
Contact Energy -
Bronze Semiconductor Gold Semiconductor
Ruby Semiconductor Diamond Semiconductor
Peng -
Upgrade Materials
Power Node -

All Weapon Upgrades

Weapon Upgrades
Heat Accumulator Cartridge Rack Weighted Blades
Kinetic Autoloader P.C.S.I. Custom Magazine High-Yield Grenades
Ricochet Tracer Angled Launcher Carbon-Fiber Blades
Gellified Hydrazine Macroliter Fuel Tank High-Pressure Nozzle
Supersymmetry Tether Diffraction Module Portable Heliotron
Ionized Capacitor Precision Lasers Photon Energizer
Subsonic Oscillator Gravitic Amplifier Suspension Module
Prototype Stasis Module - -

Dead Space Remake Characters

Dead Space Remake - Characters Partial Banner

List of All Characters

All Dead Space Remake Characters

Main Characters
Dead Space Remake - Isaac ClarkeIsaac Clarke Dead Space Remake - Nicole BrennanNicole Brennan
Dead Space Remake - Kendra Daniels IconKendra Daniels Dead Space Remake - Zach HammondZach Hammond
Other Characters
Dead Space Remake - Challus MercerDr. Challus Mercer Dead Space Remake - Terrence KyneDr. Terrence Kyne
Dead Space Remake - Benjamin MathiusCpt. Benjamin Mathius Dead Space Remake - Elizabeth CrossDr. Elizabeth Cross
Dead Space Remake - Jacob TempleJacob Temple Dead Space Remake - Aiden ChenAiden Chen
Dead Space Remake - Hailey Johnston (Placeholder)Hailey Johnston Dead Space RemakeCarmack Danvers
Dead Space RemakeBenson

Dead Space Remake Logs

Dead Space Remake - Logs

All Log Locations

All Logs by Category

Dead Space Remake Log Types
Audio Log Icon.pngAudio Logs Text Log Icon.pngText Logs Video Log Icon.pngVideo Logs

Dead Space Remake News and Game Info

Released on January 27, 2023

Dead Space Remake - Releases January 27, 2023

Countdown to Dead Space Remake Release
The game is live now!

The Dead Space Remake has launched in all regions as of 11:00 AM EST on January 27, 2023 in all regions.

Release Date and Time:
PS, Xbox, and PC Launch Dates

Other News and Game Info

Other Dead Space Remake News

Other Dead Space Remake News
All Pre-Order Bonuses: How to Get the Digital Deluxe Edition Release Date and Time: PS, Xbox, and PC Launch Dates)
Cast and Voice Actors Ending Explained
Are There Cheat Codes? How Long is Dead Space Remake?
Story and Plot Summary Can You Run Dead Space Remake
Is Dead Space on EA Play? Is There New Game Plus?
List of Trailers Will There Be DLC?
How to Get the Secret Ending List of Controls and How to Change
How Scary is Dead Space Remake Does Dead Space Remake Have Multiplayer?
Will Dead Space Be on Xbox Game Pass? Is Dead Space a Remake or Remaster?
How to Preload -

News and Game Info

About Dead Space Remake (2023)

Product Information

Standard Edition.jpg
Price $59.99 - $79.99
Platforms PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC
Genre Survival Horror, Shooter
Publisher Electronic Arts
Official Site Dead Space Official Site

Explore the USG Ishimura

Plot Summary 3.jpg

Dead Space Remake offers a perfect blend of survival horror and third-person shooting with its cinematic lighting and suspenseful music as you wander through the USG Ishimura. Filled with howls, growls, and the sound of crawling through pipes and vents, your can relive the spectacle of the original game in an all new light.

Battle Deadly Necromorphs

Plot Summary 4.jpg

Battle the horrors aboard the USG Ishimura known as the Necromorphs. These nightmarish creatures were once human just like you. What caused the creation of these monstrosities? Only one way to find out.

Discover Weapons and Suit Upgrades

Plot Summary 5.jpg

Weapon and suit upgrades can be found inside the dark corridors of the Ishimura. The only way you'll stay alive is to keep your weapon and RIG upgraded to offer the best protection and firepower against the Necromorphs.

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