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Welcome to the game8 walkthrough wiki for The Callisto Protocol. Story walkthroughs, character guides, as well as weapon and item locations and everything else you need to survive the Black Iron Prison. For all your walkthrough needs on the Callisto Protocol, leave it to game8!

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The Callisto Protocol Walkthrough

Callisto Protocol - Story Walkthrough Partial.png
Complete Story Walkthrough

List of Chapters

Chapter Summary
(Chapter 1)
Jacob and Max are flying from Europa to Callisto on a standard supply run when they learn that they have been boarded by the Outer Way terrorist organization.
(Chapter 2)
Jacob finds himself a prisoner of Black Iron Prison. When he wakes up, Black Iron is in complete chaos. Now he has to find a way out of this hellhole.
(Chapter 3)
Jacob must help Elias free the one prisoner that can get them out Callisto. Jacob must venture deeper into the facility to access SHU, the maximum-security unit where that prisoner is held captive.
(Chapter 4)
Jacob has to rendezvous with Elias at the Tram Station in the Habitat Dome. These creatures have begun mutating, evolving into stronger enemies.
(Chapter 5)
Jacob is out of Black Iron Prison, but now he finds himself in the barren wastelands of Callisto. Dani has a plan to get to the hangar, but everything doesn't always go according to plan.
(Chapter 6)
Jacob wakes up underneath all the rubble of the fallen hangar and learns the existence of Arcas, the first colony. Now he has to bring power back to the station to use the transport platform to Arcas.
(Chapter 7)
Jacob arrives at the Arcas colony and learns of the truth behind the Callisto Outbreak. Now he must race back to the warden's tower or face the consequences.
(Chapter 8)
Jacob finds himself a prisoner of Black Iron Prison yet again. Only one thing remains: he has to race against time to save Dani and get off Callisto.

The Callisto Protocol Characters

Callisto Protocol - Characters Partial

All Characters: Cast and List of Voice Actors

List of Characters

Main Character
Ferris Warden
Support Characters
Dani Elias
Dr. Mahler Max

The Callisto Protocol Tips and Tricks

Callisto Protocol - Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks:
Beginner's Guide to The Callisto Protocol

All Tips & Tricks

Skins and Cosmetics
List of Skins How to Get the Biophage Skin
How to Get the Retro Prisoner Skin How to Get the Founder's Pack
How to Get the Engineer Skin How to Get Watchtower Skin
How to Get Outer Way Skin -
Game Mechanics & Upgrades
All Reforge Weapon Upgrades Inventory Upgrade Guide
How to Get Armor How to Heal
How to Farm Callisto Credits Ammo Farming Guide
How to Perform a Quick Kill -
Weapons & Combat
Best Upgrades Guide Gun Controls Guide
How to Dodge Melee Attacks How to Block
Best Weapons Guide Perfect Dodge Guide
System / FAQs
Difficulty Settings Guide Best Settings Guide
New Game Plus Guide Season Pass Price and Contents
All Permanent Events and Missable Content List of All Death Animations/Scenes
How to Fix Stuttering and Frame Rate Issues Can You Save the Trapped Worker?
How to Pre-Load How to Fix Low Quality Text
How to Use Photo Mode Is There a Map?
How to Reset Checkpoints Contagion Mode Guide
How to Save: Can You Turn Off Autosave? What are Beta Paths?
All Weapon Schematic Locations Ending Explained
Can You Quick Turn? Can You Skip Cutscenes?
List of Unlockables -

The Callisto Protocol Bosses and Enemies

The Callisto Protocol - Bosses and Enemies Partial Banner

List of Bosses and Enemies

All Boss and Enemy Guides

Boss Guides
How to Beat Two-Head Boss Ferris Boss Fight Guide
Enemy Guides
How to Kill Security Bots How to Beat Biophage

The Callisto Protocol Trophy List

The Callisto Protocol - Trophy Guides

Trophy List and Achievement Guide

All Trophy Guides

All Trophy and Achievement Guides
Implant Bios Locations The Commonality Trophy

The Callisto Protocol Weapons

Callisto Protocol - List of Weapons Partial

List of Weapons

All Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons
ShivShiv CrowbarCrowbar Stun BatonStun Baton

All Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons
BI-55 Pistol Hand CannonHand Cannon GRPGRP Skunk GunSkunk Gun
Riot GunRiot Gun Tactical PistolTactical Pistol Assault RifleAssault Rifle

The Callisto Protocol Items

Callisto Protocol Items.png

List of All Items

All Items

Energy Converters Contraband Pack

The Callisto Protocol Latest News

The Callisto Protocol - Latest News and Game Info Partial Banner

The Callisto Protocol News & Game Info

Season Pass Coming February 7, 2023

Callisto Protocol - February 07 2023 Update

A new update was announced to be coming February 7, 2023 that will bring with it new skins as well as a New Game Plus mode and Hardcore mode (free for all players.)

Out Now!

The Callisto Protocol Console Release Countdown
The Callisto Protocol is now available to play worldwide on consoles!

As of now, The Callisto Protocol is available in all regions!

Release Time and Countdown

Pre-Order The Callisto Protocol Now


Players looking to pre-order The Callisto Protocol can do so by visiting their official website. Here players can choose whether they will get a physical or digital copy of the game from various retail stores and official distributors.

How to Pre-Order the Callisto Protocol

Digital Pre-Order Platforms

Digital Pre-Order Platforms
Playstation Store Steam
Epic Games Store Microsoft Store

Players looking to get a bit more of the sci-fi horror survival experience can get more for just another $20, the Digital Deluxe Edition includes a Season Pass for The Callisto Protocol.
List of All Pre-Order Bonuses

Recent Trailers

Live-Action TV Spot Trailer (November 25, 2022)

Hope and survival, they are the main focus of this trailer. It shows the perspective of the main character, Jacob, in the Callisto.

List of Trailers

Other News and Game Info

About The Callisto Protocol

The Spiritual Successor to Dead Space

Callisto Protocol Overview

From the creator of Dead Space comes The Callisto Protocol, a fresh new take on the survival horror genre. The engineering of this game, much like its predecessor, was designed to blend the suspense of the game's atmosphere with the immersive feeling of helplessness as you play through its levels.

Is the Callisto Protocol Connected to Dead Space?

Explore Black Iron Prison

Callisto Protocol Setting

The year is 2320, and you find yourself in the Black Iron Prison on Callisto, one of Jupiter's moons. Find your way out of this elaborate prison facility escaping monstrosities and abominations that will surely fuel your nightmares!

Story-Driven Survival Horror

Callisto Protocol Gameplay

In this fresh new take on the survival horror genre, The Callisto Protocol offers a balance between pure jumpscares and a story that is worth following as it unfolds. Descend into darkness and madness uncovering the mysteries of the Black Iron Prison and the United Jupiter Company as you try and claw your way out.

The Callisto Protocol Product Information

The Callisto Protocol Cover Art.jpg
Price $59.99 - $79.99
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC
Genre Survival Horror, Shooter
Publisher KRAFTON, Inc.
Official Site

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