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This is a list of current in-game events and event information. If you are curious about current or past events, as well as availability and times, read from the charts below.

List of Current and Upcoming Events

Big Events

Event Name Availability End
Forging Bonds Banner
Forging Bonds
09/18/2020 10/02/2020
Hall of Forms Banner
Hall of Forms
09/25/2020 10/09/2020

High Difficulty Maps

Event Name Availability End
Daily Special Maps Banner
Daily Special Maps

Summon Events (Gachas)

Event Name Availability End
To Stay Dreaming Banner
To Stay Dreaming
09/08/2020 10/07/2020
Despair and Hope Banner
Despair and Hope
09/18/2020 10/08/2020
Performing Arts (Revival) Banner
Performing Arts (Revival)
09/22/2020 10/06/2020
Plumeria: Lewd Dream Banner
Plumeria: Lewd Dream
09/30/2020 10/07/2020
Hero Fest Banner
Hero Fest
Date of Installation 7 Days After Installation
Brave Heroes Banner
Brave Heroes
Date of Installation
Weekly Revival Banner
Weekly Revival
Week 1 Week 19

List of Current Summons

Special Maps

No Current Events to Display

Quests & Missions

No Current Events to Display


Event Name Availability End
Log-In Bonus 7/13/2017

List of Past Events

Information Coming Soon!

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    • >>[157]
      Young Caeda is wonderful as a generalist Player Phase unit.
      F!Ike has amazing offensive power, along with Julia and Lysithea. These are all some of the strongest options out there.
      However, Spring Idunn really is far and away the best Red unit; she's just an exceptionally strong omni-tank with strong sustain in the right set-up, along with a Duo Skill. She's basically B!Edelgard without the sustain and movement in exchange for a Duo Skill.

    • >>[20]
      Idunn is best built as a sustain omni-tank. Sol or Aether are both good options (I would personally prefer Sol). Atk Smoke 3 and her default B skills are good. You should switch the A skill to at least Distant Ward and ideally Distant Counter. The S Seal should be a Sturdy or Mirror Stance skill, whichever you think would fill the niche better on your team.

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