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This is a full Skull and Bones interactive map for the Indian Ocean. Get a full map of Skull and Bones' points of interests, outposts, and notable locations, as well as find out how big the map is.

Skull and Bones Maps
Full Interactive Map Resource Map

Skull and Bones Full Interactive Map

Indian Ocean Map

✶ Press the magnifiying glass search icon at the bottom right to search for a location or world event by name.
✶ Toggle the Name On icon to show the names of the points of interest.
✶ Toggle the Full On icon to expand the map.

The Interactive Map both shows the location of key points on the map, and doubles as a collectible checker.

  1. Click an icon on the right side to show all the pins of a specific type, or click the magnifying glass button to search for a specific pin by name.
  2. Click a pin on the map to see its name and description, and a relevant picture or video if available.
  3. From here, click Mark as Acquired to indicate that you've gotten a collectible already. This will change its icon on the map to show that it has been collected, and add 1 to that pin type's Counter.
  4. To undo this, click on the same pin and click Restore to unclaimed.
  5. To check how many pins you have marked so far, check the Counter in the bottom left, and click the icon that looks like a checklist to see counters for all pin types.
  6. If the collected pins start to get in the way, you can hide them all by clicking the green Show Pins button on the left side.
Icon How to Use
Name Button.png Show Names
This button reveals the Name of every icon currently shown.
Show Pins Button.png Show Pins
This button will toggle between showing and hiding all the pins which you have already marked as acquired.
Full Button.png Fullscreen
This button will change the map display to fill the screen.
Search Button.png Search Mode Toggle
This button will display a searchbar which you can use to search for an individual pin by its name.
Icon Mode Button.png Icon Mode Toggle
In Search Mode, this button will toggle you back to Icon Mode, removing the search bar and displaying the icons again.
All Pins Button.png All Pins
This button is shown along with the Icons on the right when there are over 6 types of pins. Click it for a full selection of all available pin types.
Interactive Map Counter.png Counter
Tracks the number of pins you have of a certain type. The pin type shown is set to the page and currently cannot be changed; however, all pin type counters can be viewed by clicking the checklist icon on the right side.
Interactive Map View All Counters.png View All Counters
This icon is found on the right side of the Counter. When a map has more than one pin type, click this icon to see Counters for all pin types.
Diablo 4 - Zoom In Zoom Out Icons.png Zoom In / Zoom Out
This icon is found on the top left side of the map. You can press these buttons, or use your scroll wheel while hovering, to Zoom In and Out of the interactive map.

A large portion of land is uncharted and unexplorable. You still have a lot of open ocean to explore, barges to intercept, outposts to discover, and settlements to plunder!

Map Points of Interest

Point of Interest Explanation
Golden_path DetailedMain Contracts / Golden Path Golden Paths are the main progression points in the game. Here you will meet pivotal characters that push the narrative forward.
Side_contractSide Contract Much like side quests on your typical action-adventure game, Side Contracts offer additional loot and opportunity. These side contracts will most likely be one-time missions that do not hinder golden path progression.
Repeatable_ContractRepeatable Contract Repeatable Contracts will be your bread and butter as you pilfer and pillage for supplies. While these will be scattered throughout the map, it is always a delight to explore and find new contracts to fulfill.
BountyBounty Bounties are challenges you can face in the open seas that offer lots of loot if your sea legs are up to the challenge. Collect information on a bounty's whereabout at port and hunt them down in the seas.
MaangodinMaangodin Maangodin is a ghost ship and the world boss of the area southeast of Port l'Hermine. Gear up to fight Maangodin or be sunk to the bottom of the sea.
KuharibuKuharibo Kuharibu is a mysterious prehistoric sea monster found in the West Basin of the Coast of Africa. This monster spawns once a day, giving you enough prep time to gear up or be fish food.
Den.png Den A pirate den. Plan your next heist, customize your ship or meet up with other like-minded rogues for a swig of ale.
Outpost.png Outpost These are scattered rest points, each having a cache where you can store your wares. Worry not, for all outposts caches are connected. These also serve as your Fast Travel Points after disembarking on them once.
Major Settlement.png Capital Settlement The capital city of a faction. It is a rich and well-defended place of trade.
Settlement.pngSettlement A small faction settlement and place of trade. Buy and sell your wares here... or try to take them by force?
Military Base.pngMilitary Base A heavily defended military base. The rewards are great but only the strongest pirate groups will pull off their assault.
Foundry.pngFoundry A small settlement focused on gathering and refining raw metals. Buy ingots or trade your wares here.
Weaver.pngWeaver A small settlement focused on gathering and refining jute. Buy cloth or trade your wares here.
Lumberyard.pngLumberyard A small settlement focused on gathering and refining raw wood. Buy planks or trade your wares here.
UI_WorldEvent_WarshipWorld Events
(Elite Captains)]
Elite Captains are deadlier bosses that will spawn as world events in the ocean. Team up with your friends in order to take down these scourges of the sea.
UI_ICO_MerchantShipWorld Events
(Merchant Convoys)
Merchant Convoys are bountiful ships sailing home making them ripe for the taking. Gather your men and plunder these ship to raise your infamy and net you with considerable loot!

How Big is the Skull and Bones Map?

Close to 600 square kilometers

The explorable map size of Skull and Bones is about 620 sq. km.—about 3 times the size of Ubisoft's previous pirate-themed game, Assassin's Creed Black Flag. Keep in mind, however, that you can't explore all land territory in the Skull and Bones map, so this mostly accounts for sea traversal.

The total map area is significantly larger at 1061 sq. km., which you get by going to the absolute Southwestern tip to Great Ukuta and using the in-game to calculate the length and width of the entire world. The map spans almost 32.57km from the West edge of the map to the East Edge, and 31.98km from the South edge to the North edge.

How to Disembark

All Map Regions

All Map Regions
Red Isle Coast of Africa
Open Seas East Indies

Red Isle

Red Isle Region Map

The Red Isle is the central region of the Map. Here you find your first pirate den, Sainte-Anne as well as few Settlements, Lumberyards, Foundries, and Weavers, to kickstart your pirate adventure.
Red Isle Region Information and Points of Interests

Coast of Africa

Coast of Africa Region Map

The Coast of Africa is the entire western region of the Map closely resembling the shoreline of Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, and possibly Somalia. Interact with the Confederation of Ungwana and the Military Bases of the Compagnie Royale to further increase your infamy and resources.

Coast of Africa Region Information and Points of Interests

Open Seas

Open Seas Region Map

The Open Seas is Skull and Bones' scaled down version of the Indian Ocean connecting the coast of Africa to the islands of South East Asia. Nothing but open waters are found in these waters, save for a few outposts such as the Dutchman's Camp among many.
Open Seas Location and Points of Interest

East Indies

East Indies Region Map

The East Indies is the entire eastern region of the Map inspired by the islands of Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia. Here you find your next pirate den in Telok Penjarah. You can also restock and resupply here as it functions much the same as Sainte-Anne.

East Indies Region Information

All Map Locations

Red Isle Locations

Points of Interest
Ankohonana Dragon's Back Du Bois Lumberyard
Fonderie Royale Fort du Lys Fort Louis
Guerande Hovohovo La Bastide
Lamba Weaver Lanitra Mother of Shipwrecks
Palisade Bay Raofia Weaver Royal Burial Ground
Sacred Tree Sadjoa Foundry Sainte-Amelie
Sainte-Anne Shijavu Sitrana
Tamby Foundry Tanjona Tankazo Lumberyard
Tenina Town The Oubliette Tsifo Lumberyard
Vorona Falls

Coast of Africa Locations

Points of Interest
Bandari Elder's Cave Fond-de-la-Baie
Fort-du-Bout Grand-Fort Great Ukuta
Harufu Harufu Lumberyard Harufu Weaver
Ile Michel Jiwe Jiwe Foundry
Jiwe Weaver Kaa Mangrove Kambi Lumberyard
Kusini La Colonie La Corde Weaver
Mchanga Mumali Foundry Pembe
Pembe Foundry Pillar Tomb Pilot Bay Weaver
Poacher's Cache Port des Mines Rondavels Lumberyard
Sunken Goldmine The Navigator's Cross Wavuvi Foundry
Wavuvi Island

East Indies Locations

Points of Interest
Bukit Candi Damai Duister East Foundry
Duister North Foundry Duister West Foundry Fort Duister
Fort Granbie Fort Harimau Fort Prakoso
Fort Premie Granbie Kampung Subur
Karst Lookout Kelelawar Chamber Kencur
Kencur Lumberyard Kencur Weaver Khmoy Estate
Kota Lama Kota Lama Foundry Kota Lama Lumberyard
Laar Laar South Lumberyard Laar West Lumberyard
Lada Lada Foundry Lost City of Prei
Megafort Oosten North Damai Foundry North Suny Weaver
Oosten Capital Parujar's Cry Rangnok Cave
Ruined Lighthouse Ruins of Luk Khun Sangdad
South Damai Foundry South Suny Weaver Subur Lumberyard
Suny Capital Suny Foundry Suny Lumberyard
Telok Penjarah The Forgotten Candi The Necropolis
Trisula Foundry

Open Seas Locations

Points of Interest
Dutchman's Camp Grande Falaise Kokok Terapung
Moyenne Crique Return Fleet Bight Three Brothers

Most areas will sell or trade a certain commodity such as wood, fiber, or minerals. However some outposts have merchants that offer special blueprints to new Ships and Weapons. These will cost a lot, but the bounty of gaining these blueprints comes with the required Infamy.

All Infamy Rewards and Unlocks

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